Former ‘Counting On’ Star Derick Dillard Just Doubled Down On His Claims That The Show Is Scripted

Former Counting On star Derick Dillard has never been shy about sharing his views on social media. Dillard’s controversial comments on Twitter, for example, got him fired from Counting On a few years back. While Dillard and his wife, Jill Duggar, are no longer on the show, he recently doubled down on the claim that Counting On is a scripted reality show.

Former 'Counting On' stars Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard
Former ‘Counting On’ stars Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard | Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Derick Dillard blasts ‘Counting On’

Dillard’s latest scandal came after fans criticized his wife for promoting women’s rights. Counting On watchers poked fun at how Jill was trying to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the women’s suffrage movement while she and her siblings don’t exactly enjoy a lot of rights in the Duggar household. While Jill politely told fans they were wrong, Dillard took a more controversial approach.

In response to the backlash, Dillard told fans that what they see on the show is not representative of how they actually live. He then took a shot at Counting On by calling it a scripted show, something he has mentioned in the past.

Needless to say, Duggar patriarch, Jim Bob Duggar, will probably not like the comment. Derick Dillard then tried to argue that he is all for women’s rights and assured fans that he would totally vote for a female president if given the opportunity. Fans, of course, were not convinced and blasted Dillard for the way he treats his wife.

“If you only know our family from a semi-scripted show then you are either assuming things that aren’t there or believe that all you see is all there is,” Dillard shared.

Jill Duggar returns to ‘Counting On’

Derick Dillard was fired from Counting On back in November of 2017 after making controversial comments about the transgender community. In a show of solidarity, Jill quite the series as well, though she did appear in an episode in Season 9. The scene was filmed to celebrate Jessa Duggar’s new baby, Ivy Jane, who was born in May.

Not only did Jill appear on camera, but she also helped Jessa with the delivery. The cameo shocked fans, especially since Dillard seemed adamant that Jill never appear on the show anymore. It is unclear if Jill will get future cameos on Counting On, but it is pretty clear that Dillard will not be getting in front of the cameras anytime soon.

Dillard has not said anything about his wife’s appearance on Counting On. Based on his recent comments about the series being scripted, it is safe to assume that TLC will not be inviting him back. Derick Dillard was a part of the show in a fairly limited capacity over the years and did not seem too disappointed after getting the boot. He and Jill tied the knot in 2014 and share several children.

Derick Dillard continues fighting on social media

Dillard usually finds himself on the wrong side of the argument when it comes to expressing his views on social media. But his recent interaction with some online trolls was an exception to the rule. Dillard became a target after sharing a photo of his son, Israel, following the family’s Fourth of July celebrations.

Although the images were innocent enough, one fan tried to get under Derick Dillard’s skin by saying that his son “looks gay.” Not one to shy away from an argument, Dillard immediately fired back, asking the fan, “what does a gay person look like?” The troll did not answer back and fans were quick to come to Dillard’s defense on this one.

In fact, several fans blasted the troll for targeting Dillard and Jill’s kids. Even though they do not believe the same things as Dillard, the fans were adamant that children are off limits, no matter what the situation is like. This, of course, is not the first time Dillard has gotten involved in a comment about the LGBTQ community (which is probably why the troll wrote what they did).

Back in 2017, Dillard criticized Jazz Jennings for being transgender, writing that gender fluidity is not a real thing. The comments were not taken well by fans and TLC subsequently fired Dillard.  

TLC has not revealed when the new season of Counting On will premiere. The network has also not commented on Derick Dillard’s accusations that the series is scripted.