Former ‘DWTS’ Champ and Olympic Gymnast Shawn Johnson Welcomes First Child

Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson has kept fans apprised of her pregnancy journey on her YouTube channel, The East Family. On November 4, the former Dancing With The Stars champion revealed her baby has arrived!

Shawn Johnson
Shawn Johnson | Rob Kim/Getty Images

Waited for the big reveal

Johnson married professional football player Andrew East in April 2016. Though the gymnast wanted to find out the gender of their baby, East convinced her to hold off until delivery day. “We are actually going to wait and be surprised. Which is crazy for me because I really want to find out, but my husband wants it more than anything, so we’re gonna wait,” Johnson told Showbiz Cheat Sheet in August.

“My perspective is this, it’s just nine months you’re waiting and then you’re with it the rest of it’s life,” East said, according to Fox8 Cleveland. “You can delay. You can delay that a little bit.”

Think pink

The couple welcomed a baby girl and didn’t wasted any time showing how ecstatic they are.  “You are our everything. Welcome to the world baby girl,” she captioned the photo.

The social-savvy pair posted a hint regarding their newborn to their followers on their website, with a “Love Pink Onesie” on preorder, according to USA Today. East later confirmed the news, posting a video on his Instagram of the new proud parents dancing with their daughter.  

Johnson spoke on a recent podcast of Miraculous Mamas before her delivery, sharing that though she was counting the days until her baby arrived, she realized that being a parent is a monumental role. “I don’t feel like you’re ever ready to have a kid. Even now, like I’m ready to, I’m getting ready to pop a kid out here any day. I don’t feel ready,” she explained on the podcast. “I don’t feel like you’re ever totally ready ‘cause you don’t feel like you’re, you know, financially there, or [that] you have the home or you have the stability. There’s always some reason – it’s just a daunting task to take on.”

The DWTS champ and her husband plan on creating a strong family bond by keeping their relationship as a top priority. “We both are firm believers that the best way to raise a kid is to have the strongest relationship as a couple,” she said. “We’re nervous about making us a priority and being able to like keep that strong relationship in order to raise a kid.”

Joy after heartache

Johnson has openly shared that she suffered a miscarriage in 2017. “It’s such a confusing thing,” Johnson said, according to Us Weekly. “It’s like, ‘Should I be sad? Is that normal? Did I do something?’” She revealed that her doctor helped her get past feelings of guilt, telling her, “‘You didn’t do anything wrong. You didn’t do this.’”

The former gymnast took the time to go through a grieving process. “I went through that whole phase of it, it was almost like a postpartum depression because you have all these hormones leaving your body, which you have to deal with on top of the mentality, like the mental side of processing what it is you did just go through,” Johnson said, according to People.

When the couple found out they were expecting again, they were cautiously happy. “When we went to the first ultrasound and got to see the baby move, it just kind of hit home,” Johnson shared. “I went into, like, protective mom, like, take care of my body. He went into protective dad, protective husband, just making sure everything’s OK.”

The new parents have not yet announced their daughter’s name, but that will undoubtedly be sure to come. Congratulations on Baby East!