Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star, Jenelle Evans Addresses a Custody Battle Rumor

Jenelle Evans and her husband, David Eason have been in and out of the courthouse to handle their custody case. They have temporarily lost custody of their children and claim to be fighting to get it back.

There is one rumor about the situation that the mother decided to address. Find out what she wanted to clear up and more.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason lost custody of their children

The married couple has temporarily lost custody of their children. They are all staying with other people.

The son Evans shares with her ex, Nathan Griffith is under the custody of his father. Evans and Eason’s daughter, Ensley is staying with her mother, Barbara along with the reality star’s son, Jace. Eason also has a daughter, Maryssa, who he shares with his ex, Whitney Johnson.

The married couple gets one supervised visit a week that can last an hour with their children. A source claimed the court required them to go through
drug testing, parenting classes, and counseling.

Evans said they are also fighting for custody of Maryssa

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans | Getty Images/Bennett Raglin

There must have been a rumor that Evans and Eason were only fighting for custody of Kaiser and Ensley. Evans addressed this by saying they are fighting for more than that.

The reports about custody are absurd. I don’t understand why everyone thinks Maryssa is excluded out of this situation when every child is involved,” she said according to E! News. “We are fighting for all the children to come home.”

The mother then claimed that she is having a hard time getting Maryssa’s family members to cooperate with her. “Maryssa’s grandmother and mother have cut David off completely. He’s being nice as possible and trying to check up on her and they refuse to answer the phone.” They wouldn’t be the only ones who Evans claims to be having a tough time with lately.

Evans said her relationship with her mother is rocky

While addressing the custody rumor she also mentioned that her relationship with her mother is “rocky.” This is after the two reportedly got into an argument outside of the courthouse.

I’m right here outside of the courthouse, I’m giving my daughter a hug. If you have a problem with it … then go get an officer. Because obviously she’s not scared,” Jenelle told Barbara caught on camera by TMZ. She was holding her daughter, Ensley at the time.

“I need to get her lunch,” said Barbara. The former reality star then addressed the cameras. “She blocked my number,” she said.

That wasn’t the only heated exchange between parties outside of the courthouse. Eason also reportedly approached Griffith when he was talking to a cameraman and asked, “You hanging out with the paparazzi?”

They exchanged a few more words before giving Griffith the middle finger. “I’m actually going to file a restraining order because of that,” said after that. A source close to Griffith reportedly claimed that he reached out through text afterward to clear the air, but Evans didn’t believe him, according to TMZ.