Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star, Jenelle Evans Is Back to Toying Fans with a Picture of an Ultrasound Amid Custody Battle

Jenelle Evans and David Eason are in the middle of trying to get back custody of their children. Evans has been posting about her feelings about the situation on Instagram lately.

She also has posted about pregnancy and is at it again with a picture of an ultrasound. Find out what the post is really about and more.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason lost custody of their kids

Eason allegedly shot and killed Evans’ dog, Nugget. He later responded to reports and backlash on Instagram.

I dont [sic] give a damn what animal bites my baby on the face,” he said according to Us Weekly. “Whether it be your dog or mine, a dog is a dog and I dont [sic] put up with that sh*t at all. I’m all about protecting my family, it is my lifes [sic] mission. Some people are worth killing or dying for and my family means that much to me.”

Evans was later fired from Teen Mom 2. Eventually, the married couple lost custody of their children.

Evans has a son with her ex, Nathan Griffith who now has custody of him. Evans and Eason’s daughter, Ensley is staying with her mother, Barbara along with her other son, Jace. Eason also has a daughter, Maryssa, who he shares with his ex, Whitney Johnson. The judge ruled that Evans and Eason have temporarily lost custody of all of them.

The married couple reportedly was ordered to go through drug testing, parenting classes, and counseling. They are still returning to court to pursue regaining custody. The mother has also been busy posting on Instagram.

She recently posted a video of her daughter with the caption “come home”

Jenelle and Barbara Evans
Jenelle and Barbara Evans | Jenelle Evans via Instagram

Yesterday Evans posted a video of her daughter, Ensley sitting on a couch on Instagram. The words “She’s a mess but she’s amazing” were seen in it. The post was then captioned, “Come home.”

She later deleted the video. That isn’t the first time she posted about missing her kids. On Father’s day, she shared a photo of her pool on her Instagram story with the words “it’s too quiet here.”

Her recent posts aren’t just about missing her kids. She is also weirdly making some fans think she is pregnant. Some of her posts have been about pregnancy only for her to soon delete them.

Evans posted a picture of an ultrasound

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The mother posted a picture of her holding a photo from an ultrasound on Instagram. The caption had a pregnant woman emoji, baby emoji, then “#LinkInBio.”

The link went to an Us Weekly article titled “Cutest Celebrity Announcements.” She is not included in the article. This isn’t the first time the fired realty star did this.

She recently posted about a baby bump on Instagram and captioned it with “Baby bump revealed! #LinkInBio.” That link went to an article about celebrity baby bumps. She later deleted the post.

If the reality star does what she did last time then the post will probably be deleted later too. It’s unclear why she is posting about pregnancy and linking to articles that don’t include her.