Four New Netflix Series You Should be Watching in May

Netflix has been hard at work churning out original content. The success of early original series has driven the streaming service to try their hand at almost every genre under the sun. While they have had some misses, the majority of streaming content produced by Netflix have been hits, and these four new shows aren’t any different. So, what should you be binge-watching this month?

Russian Doll

Anyone who is an avid Netflix watcher knows just how amazing Natasha Lyonne is. The breakout star of Orange is the New Black is back on the streaming service in a new series, and it’s every bit as dark, witty and intense as you’d expect. Russian Doll finds a hard-partying Nadia Vulvokov (Lyonne) reliving the day of her death over and over again. She spends her time trying to desperately find her way out of the loop by avoiding the cause of her demise, but each day her death happens differently.

Sure, it sounds awfully dark, but Lyonne’s brings enough levity to the role to make it utterly binge-watch worthy.  Russian Doll premiered on Netflix in February 2019. According to Digital Spy, the show has landed a second season, but fans will need to wait until February 2020 to find out how Lyonne’s story continues, or if it will.

Dead to Me

Christina Applegate is an unsung comedic genius. The actress famed for Samantha Who? delivers a realistic and often-times funny performance as a recently widowed mother of two. Hijinks ensue when she befriends an eccentric woman at a bereavement event. Critics have argued that the show struggles in figuring out precisely what it is trying to be, but as Vulture notes, it’s still a highly watchable show that truly allows Applegate to shine.

Netflix dropped the official Dead to Me trailer in April 2019. The show officially premieres on the streaming service on May 3rd.

Huge in France

Gad is famous in France; in fact, he’s the Jerry Seinfeld of the country, but when he lands in Los Angeles to reunite with his estranged son, suddenly he is a nobody. While Gad seemingly thinks that’s exactly what he wanted, he has a hard time transitioning into a traditional life. Add in family drama and a strange obsession with the man mentoring his son, and you have a classic fish-out-of-water story with social commentary undertones.

Huge in France is a solid show that is worthy of a watch, even if critics think it is just barely off the mark. Season one of Huge in France dropped in April 2019. Netflix has yet to announce if the series will return for a sophomore season.


Bonding made a real splash, and not necessarily in a good way. Members of the BDSM subculture are seriously peeved at a show that focuses on the mysterious world of BDSM and sex work. Tiff is a graduate student who becomes a dominatrix, and she enlists her old friend Pete to serve as her assistant. From there, the show explores the world of sex work, sexual trauma and the seemingly strange friendship between the pair.

While there are some issues with the show and those familiar with the community question why the writers failed to employ a consultant, there are some exciting moments in Bonding. The show premiered on the streaming service in April 2019. While there are only seven short episodes in the first season, it’s likely fans will see more from Tiff and Pete. Netflix has yet to confirm a season 2 officially, but most fans think it will happen.