Four People the Kardashians are Feuding with Right Now

You know what they say, more money, more problems. The Kardashian-Jenner clan certainly has plenty of cash to throw around, and with it come big challenges. The famous family is known for its feuds. Everyone from Kim and Kanye to Kylie Jenner has waged war on people they believe have crossed them or their family. So, who are the latest individuals to incur the wrath of the Kardashians?

Mike Fleiss is on the family’s bad list

Fleiss is the most recent recipient of the wrath of the Kardashians. Not only did he follow-up the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal with claims that Khloe was going to appear on The Bachelorette, but he got irritated when Kim Kardashian West called him out claiming it wasn’t going to happen. From there the can of worms was open.

Khloe clapped back insisting that she was not and never had been in contact and that Fleiss would hear from her lawyer, according to The Daily Mail. The situation further snowballed with more people jumping in to defend Fleiss and throw shade at the Kardashians. What it comes down to is simple, Kardashian is never going to appear on The Bachelorette now, and it seems a feud has been initiated.

Jordyn Woods has been ousted by the family

Woods had it made in the shade. She was living her best life at bestie, Kylie Jenner’s house, and was deeply entrenched in the family life of the Kardashians. As Kylie’s best friend since childhood, Woods was beloved by the entire clan, and the Keeping Up with the Kardashian exposure was doing more than a little to propel her own career. Woods threw that all away for a make-out session with Tristan Thompson, then boyfriend of Khloe Kardashian.

After the scandal rocked the media, Woods was unceremoniously unfollowed by the family on social media, according to Us Magazine. She also left the pool house she resided in and is currently trying to keep a low profile at her mother’s home. Not only did the family cut ties with Woods, 21, but friends of the family weighed in on the betrayal with Khloe’s best friend Malika Haqq being the most vocal.

Stephanie Shepard left under mysterious circumstances

Steph Shep, as she was known on KUWTK was Kim Kardashian’s long-time assistant. In fact, she worked for the starlet for so long that she became more like family, and that’s precisely why the pair are said to be feuding. Kim Kardashian became bothered when Shepard began sharing more time with her sister and confiding in her. Kim reacted to Shepard sharing some job-related angst with Kourtney Kardashian in a less than flattering way.

Shortly after the conversation with Kourtney, Kim axed Shepard. By that point, Shepard had been promoted to COO of Kim Kardashian West brands. The Kardashian family have denied rumors of a rift, and insist Shepard decide to leave on her own, but insiders insist that’s not the case.

Shepard worked for the KKW Beauty founder from 2013 to 2018, according to People. She has since gone on to grow her social media presence and is currently taking on modeling jobs. It does appear that Kourtney still keeps up with Shepard, but Kim made the decision to go completely no-contact.

Joyce Bonelli has been publicly shamed by fans

Bonelli grew up alongside the Kardashian ladies. The makeup artist worked for the family for over ten years, and the group appeared to really help propel each other’s careers. Not only did Bonelli ensure the Kardashian’s looked camera ready but having the stars as clients pushed Bonelli further into Hollywood circles.

That all changed in 2017 when the Kardashians fired the makeup artists and called upon different gurus. The whole thing was kept pretty quiet, but many fans think Bonelli was ousted after she tried to launch her own cosmetics line, according to The Mirror. The line would have directly competed with Kylie Jenner’s makeup empire and Kim Kardashian’s growing KKW Beauty line.

Neither Bonelli nor the famous family has ever commented on the rift, but all of the Kardashians have unfollowed Bonelli. Her makeup line never got off the ground, either.