Four Reasons You Should be Listening to the ‘Over My Dead Body’ Podcast

Over My Dead Body, brought to podcast listeners by Wondery, is currently in its first season. Released in six weekly episodes, the host Matt Shaer delves into to the complicated marriage of Dan Markel and Wendi Adelson, and the eventual murder of Markel. While most people would assume the story is an open and shut case of a loveless marriage gone horribly wrong, there is far more to it than that. It is the latest hit in the true crime genre.

The Host is impressive

Matt Shaer, an Atlanta-based author, has covered true crime before. In fact, Shaer has uncovered and demystified the Hasidic community in his past writings. Now, the author has taken to the airwaves to share a complex and complicated story that once again revolves around the Jewish community.

Shaer, speaking to UpRoxx note that he could have easily crafted a magazine article about the Dan Markel and Wendi Adelson story, but ultimately decided that a podcast would be better. He notes that the complexity of the story made the podcasting medium most appropriate. Shaer works hard to express the complicated nature of the story and to show the entire tale the correct amount of respect, something many podcasters fall short on.

The Story is intense and complicated

While Shaer’s narration alone would make most people tune in, the story he has chosen for his first season of Over My Dead Body is especially interesting. As an ongoing case, Shaer is careful to avoid giving away too much but does delve into the complex nature of relationships in the podcast.

Adelson, a lawyer, and Markel, also a lawyer and a legal professor, had a seemingly happy marriage until Wendi blindsided him with divorce papers. What followed leading up to Markel’s murder is the classic tale of a bitter divorce and custody battle. Adelson wanted to leave their sleepy Florida town. Markel refused to let his kids move. The pair battled in court for months until Markel ended up murdered in his driveway.

Family drama, overprotective parents, new relationships and the cataclysmic effect they eventually had on the law professor’s life are all heavily covered in the podcast. But who murdered Markel will take even the most well-versed podcast listener by surprise.

The case is ongoing

While there have been arrests made, the trial for two individuals facing first-degree murder charges has been delayed. The trail was set to begin in 2018 but has since been pushed back to the summer of 2019. Several other people have been sentenced in the murder case and are working with the prosecution.

The death of Markel rocked the sleepy city of Tallahassee and local interest in the case continues to grow. Markel, originally from Toronto, was a prominent law professor and beloved at legal conferences. His pseudo-celebrity status in the legal circuit has ensured the case has an intense spotlight on it.

The interviews give an intimate look into relationships

While the core focus of the podcast is on the murder of Dan Markel and who would want him dead, Shaer does an impressive job of delving into the complexity of family relationships. Not only does Shaer dive into what happened between Markel and Adelson, but he takes a look at how friends, family and associated played an active role in the life and death of Dan Markel.

The family interviews, interspersed with commentary by Shaer and police interviews with those closest to both Markel and Adelson, makes the podcast come alive for listeners.

Is there going to be a Season 2 of Over My Dead Body

Shaer seems compelled to continue working on the podcast after the final episode of season one drops. Listeners should stay tuned for updates on the Markel case and Shaer’s next project. He has not released what case he will be following next, but podcasters can expect another deep-dive into a murder case. Shaer will likely share updates on the Markel case as the trail finally gets underway.