Four Times David Eason Has Proven He is a Threat In the Last 30 Days!

It feels like we’ve been talking about David Eason for years. The hotheaded, gun-toting 30-year-old married Jenelle Evans in 2017. Since then fans have watched the father of three unravel into an absolute maniac. While there have been allegations of irrational behavior and rumors of abuse, nothing was concrete until now. Eason seems to be on a mission to show the world just how unstable he is, and over the course of the last 30 days, he’s proven just how big a threat he is four separate times!

David Eason called Leah Messer a drug addict

Eason’s online trolling of his wife’s former costars might seem like small potatoes now, but long before the father of three found himself in hot water with the law and CPS, he spent much of his time trolling the web. The North Carolina native, who is tasked with homeschooling his oldest child, took to social media to call out Leah Messer.

Eason mocked the Teen Mom 2 star for her former addiction. Not only did he bring up her past troubles with drugs, but he also gave her some family planning advice. In fact, he flat out told the reality TV star she didn’t need any more kids.

David Eason shoots the family dog

Shortly after calling out Messer, then trolling Kailyn Lowry online about her weight, he committed the act that would cost his family not only their income but their children, too. At the end of April 2019, Eason shot the family dog for what he claims was an attack on the couple’s 2-year-old daughter.

Eason attempted to excuse his actions by suggesting the dog nipped at Ensley, but fans were having none of it. Randy Houska even chimed in to let Eason know that his child was torturing the poor dog, and the video he posted hardly qualified as an attack.

CPS later responded, removing the three kids that resided in the North Carolina home with Jenelle and David. Two of the children were initially placed in the care of their paternal grandmother, while the third child, the 4-year-old son that Jenelle shares with Nathan Griffith, was turned over to his father’s family.

David shows up to court with a gun

David Eason was prepared to show up to court to get his kids back last Wednesday, but his lawyer apparently didn’t tell him bringing a gun to the courthouse was a big no-no. Eason showed up to court with the weapon but left it on the dashboard of his vehicle while he went inside.

According to Us Magazine, North Carolina law allows individuals to possess firearms without a permit, but they can not conceal those weapons. Eason’s lawyer argues that the troubled father was abiding by the law by leaving the gun in plain sight, but fans are a little curious about why he brought it with him in the first place.

David causes an uproar at a visitation center

Before Evans and Eason showed up in court to ask for their kids back, there was an alleged scuffle at a visitation center. Kaiser, 4, Ensley, 2, and Maryssa, 11, were brought to the center to see Jenelle and David after being removed from the home, but apparently, all didn’t go well.

According to Café Mom, Eason was allegedly tossed from the visitation center and told not to return after he started an argument with a social worker at the location. An insider claims that Eason was dismayed when his eldest child, Maryssa, left the room crying. He may have tried to blame the social worker for the child’s distress. Evans was due to visit her children at the center on Friday but failed to show up due to illness. She was in court later that morning looking perfectly well.