Freddie Prinze Jr. Shut Down ‘Star Wars’ Fanservice With This Viral Rant

“This is information, not affirmation time.” That’s just one of the memorable lines from Freddie Prinze Jr.’s viral rant Twitter is currently spreading around. The actor, best known for his roles in I Know What You Did Last Summer and She’s All That, currently has a YouTube channel called GEGGHEAD and a podcast called Prinze and The Wolf. Now this separate podcast is going viral.

It all started on a Jeff Dye’s Friendship Podcast episode from June and has found a new life online. Prinze isn’t a stranger to Star Wars or speaking his opinion, and he flexed both of those when discussing fan culture and expectations. 

Freddie Prinze Jr promotes his book "Back To The Kitchen" on the AOL BUILD Series.
Freddie Prinze Jr promotes “Back To The Kitchen” on the AOL BUILD Series in 2016 | Donna Ward/Getty Images

Freddie Prinze Jr. knows a thing or two (or a million) when it comes to the Force

In a 2 minute and 20-second clip on twitter, the section of the podcast where Prinze goes into detail about “Fan Entitlement Syndrome,” as he calls it. He gets into why studios shouldn’t oblige to fanservice, citing the Sonic the Hedgehog backlash and how Star Wars and Game of Thrones have gotten the brunt of that from fans. Considering Prinze can wield the Force as Kanan in Star Wars: Rebels, he’s an expert thanks to Dave Filoni (writer and showrunner for Clone Wars and Rebels) and George Lucas. 

He debunks any issues with Rey’s powers, equates it to Luke

“Look dog, you’re just mad the franchise isn’t aging with you, but that ain’t how it works,” Prinze said. He made a statement that George Lucas initially made Star Wars for kids. That might be a point of contention for fans since many of the vocal ones are adults. 

Prinze also had something to say for fans who have an issue with Rey in the sequel trilogies. “You’re just pissed off that Han Solo gave the f*cking Millenium Falcon to a girl,” Prinze said. There’s this line of argument from a section of enthusiasts that condemn Rey as a Mary Sue, and don’t accept her at the high level of appreciation they do with Luke Skywalker. Prinze knocks that down as well. 

“Luke Skywalker is Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. He can talk to things that don’t speak English and understands what they’re f*cking saying,” he said. “He gets a fairy godfather instead of a fairy godmother who teaches him how to be the best Jedi in the world in no time f*cking flat.”

‘Star Wars’ is all about balance 

Plus, Prinze explains that who wins or loses has nothing to do with skill, but rather balance in the Force. “I know more about the Force than most people because Dave Filoni taught me, and George Lucas taught him,” he said. “And all these video games have f*cked people up on what the Force is. Luke’s skill doesn’t dictate whether he wins or loses. The Emperor doesn’t dictate whether he wins or loses. The Force dictates who wins or loses based on balance.”

As Prinze explains, Palpatine knew the way of the Force better than anyone and was the smartest in the galaxy because he seduced Anakin to the Dark Side. He knew killing him would cause the Force to compensate with another, equally powerful being. With the Dark Side doubled in strength, Luke and Leia were born to right that imbalance. Essentially, it’s a balance of power, and Prinze points out that you can deduce who will win in future scuffles to come in The Rise of Skywalker

“People b*tch about the dumbest sh*t. Like it’s archetype characters, this is George Lucas’ words,” he said. “There is no Jack Bauer [from 24] in Star Wars. That character doesn’t exist. It’s not Han Solo. Han Solo is a reluctant hero. That’s the archetype.”

Even though Star Wars takes place in space with droids and aliens, it follows similar tropes and storylines to Greek mythology and classic character arcs. He gives another example of Darth Maul being Sisyphus who is born to fail, and that no amount of wishes from fans will change that. Prinze plays a skilled Jedi, and even he knows you can’t manipulate or whine your way with the Force.