‘Fresh Off The Boat’: Constance Wu Got This Hilarious Reaction From Show Author’s Mom

Actress Constance Wu’s star is rising. Audiences got to see her gift for comedy in her breakout role as Jessica Huang in ABC’s Fresh Off The Boat, her fantastic star turn in the box-office hit film, Crazy Rich Asians, and her dramatic chops most recently in the Jennifer Lopez-led ensemble movie, Hustlers. The 37-year-old is spreading her wings and challenging herself as an artist, and it’s paying off.

Constance Wu
Constance Wu | Dan MacMedan/Getty Images

The actress shared recently the reaction of Fresh Off The Boat author Eddie Huang’s mother to Wu being cast as her in the fan-favorite sitcom. Find out what she said and Huang’s observation, as well.

Wu’s recent movie is bigger than ‘Goodfellas’

Hustlers starring Wu, Jennifer Lopez, Keke Palmer, Cardi B, and Julia Stiles grossed over $100 million domestically as of last month, according to Forbes. It has also grossed $125 million worldwide. This means the film has surpassed the success of Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas, which it is frequently compared to.

“When I first read [the Hustlers script], I was like, ‘This is a lot like Goodfellas, because those guys are doing things that are objectively bad, but for some reason you like them,” Wu said in September to Variety‘s podcast, The Big Ticket.

“But I will say, there’s one big difference. One of the first lines of Goodfellas is, ‘All my life, I wanted to be a gangster.’ And then the last line of Goodfellas is essentially, ‘I’m not a gangster anymore and life is boring.’ In that sense, [Goodfellas] glamorizes the gang life. And while I think Hustlers has moments of glamour, what Lorene did was a little more complex than that.”

Eddie Huang still isn’t crazy about ‘Fresh Off The Boat’

The ABC comedy is adapted from Huang’s memoir with the same name and launched in 2015. Huang was on board initially, but felt the show was floating more and more away from his original conception of life as a kid growing up in Orlando in the 1990s.

‘Fresh Off The Boat’ author Eddie Huang

As he grew more and more unhappy with what he was seeing, he posted more and more on social media disapproving of and criticizing the show in interviews and on Twitter, especially in the show’s premiere season. He even served as narrator for the show’s first season, but refused to return after that, that’s how unhappy he was.

Recently, however, the chef and writer has come around and is accepting that the show has found a fan base and there’s not much he can do about it.

The cast of ABC’s ‘Fresh Off The Boat’

He told TV Insider in 2016, “[The show] has done a lot not just for Asian Americans but people of color in America. It started a very important conversation…That’s what I’m most proud of. I can’t be proud of the show because I don’t watch it…I don’t think the show needs me, nor do I need to be a part of the show…It’s hard in the beginning but you live with the decision you make.”

Wu got this amusing reaction from Eddie Huang’s mother

Constance Wu spoke with The New Yorker recently about meeting Huang’s mother when Fresh Off The Boat was just getting off the ground.

To educate herself on what Jessica Huang, the matriarch in the ABC sitcom, was really like, Wu traveled to Orlando to get to know the real Mrs. Huang.

The real-life Huang family

“She’s very, very extravagant,” The New Yorker quoted Wu as remarking. “Dripping in diamonds,” to be exact.

Eddie Huang told The New Yorker about the actress and his mother’s meeting from his mother’s side. “The first thing she said was ‘O.K., she’s hot enough to play me,’ ” he recalled.

“Constance really captures a lot of my mom, because my mom is very much a diva. They both are. They’re both just super-alpha, super-diva, super-unstoppable forces. Constance shows up anywhere, and it’s a hurricane.”

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