‘Friday Night Lights’ Star Taylor Kitsch Says There’s One Thing He Can’t Do Anymore

Taylor Kitsch tackled the hearts of fans on Friday Night Lights. He’s had a successful movie career since in blockbusters like Battleship and X-Men Origins: Wolverine or dramas like Only the Brave and American Assassin. In his new movie, 21 Bridges, Kitsch plays a villain. Ray (Kitsch) and Michael (Stephan James) are on the run from the law after killing several police officers in a cocaine heist.

L-R: Stephan James and Taylor Kitsch in 21 Bridges | STXfilms

Kitsch spoke about his role in 21 Bridges at the film’s press junket. The conversation led to some interesting revelations about his childhood in Canada vs. his current life in Texas. Find out what Kitsch says he can no longer do since he moved to Texas, and more about his character in 21 Bridges, which is now in theaters.

Taylor Kitsch misses this about living in Canada

Taylor Kitsch recalled the neighborhood he grew up in as a contrast to the big city life he leads since Friday Night Lights. 

“We had the front door open,” Kitsch said. “That’s the kind of neighborhood I lived or grew up in. I live in Texas now which is quite the opposite.”

One thing Taylor Kitsch can do now that he lives in Texas

There’s a lot of gunplay in 21 Bridges so Kitsch spent a lot of time discussing his weapons training. One advantage of living in Texas is there are many opportunities for him to get experience with firearms.

Taylor Kitsch and Stephan James
Taylor Kitsch and Stephan James in 21 Bridges | Matt Kennedy/STXfilms

“I think it’s a very good thing to educate yourself on them,” Kitsch said. “Hopefully you never have to use it obviously but I think it’s a smart thing to know and be able to safety it and at least handle one if it ever comes down to it. A lot of guys in Texas have big ranches and we’ll go out there and shoot at the ranch or what not.”

Filming ‘21 Bridges’ on location was no picnic either

21 Bridges is set over the course of one night in New York City. Kitsch and his costars filmed a few nights in New York and most of the shoot in Philadelphia. The locals were not enthusiastic to have Hollywood visitors.

Taylor Kitsch and Stephan James
Taylor Kitsch (far right) and Stephan James (far left) in 21 Bridges | STXfilms

“I don’t think anyone that lived on the block that we were shooting, we’re shooting nights,” Kitsch said. “To hear that crane moving around and to hear all that kind of stuff all night wouldn’t be awesome to sleep through. Or, they would have the lights on too. Or literally just walking out watching which I totally get. You’re still on their property and what not.”

Taylor Kitsch knows Ray doesn’t see himself as the villain

Chadwick Boseman plays the detective on the hunt for Ray and Michael. 21 Bridges takes his perspective trying to bring the cop killers to justice. Kitsch feels Ray could be the hero of his own story.

“If Ray was sitting here, he has probably 10 minutes of just giving you pure reasons of why he does what he does,” Kitsch said. “They come from nothing. If you have this opportunity that is once in a lifetime to change that course of action and when you have the past that these guys have come through, you kinda understand it. That’s where it all goes to hell.”