Friends Are Worried About Ariana Grande; Claim She’s An ‘Emotional Mess’ Right Now

Things have not been going well for Ariana Grande lately. The 25-year-old pop music star can’t seem to catch a break, and like any human being, the stress from multiple tragedies is starting to affect her mental health. No matter how strong a person is, there’s only so much stress they can take all at once.

Unfortunately, Grande is dealing with the drama in unhealthy ways. Instead of speaking with a professional or taking time off, she’s drinking a lot and working just as hard if not harder than before. Ariana Grande’s loved ones fear she’s heading toward a full-scale mental breakdown if things don’t change soon.

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Ariana Grande’s downward spiral began with the Manchester tragedy

The trouble started back in May 2017. That’s when a suicide bomber snuck into Ariana Grande’s concert at Manchester Arena in London. The bomb went off as people were leaving the show, killing 22 fans and devastating the music community.

That tragedy at Grande’s show wasn’t even close to her fault. But the singer couldn’t help but feel responsible for hosting the event and immensely guilty for having a small part in the outcome. A traumatized Grande canceled the rest of her tour for the year and later hosted a benefit concert for the victims and their families.

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Grande lost someone who was close to her

While Ariana Grande was still dealing with the emotional aftermath of the terrorist attack, another personal tragedy struck that hit even closer to home. Grande’s world was rocked once again when she heard the news that her ex-boyfriend and close friend Mac Miller had died from a drug overdose in September 2018.

The tragedy occurred while Grande was engaged to comedian Pete Davidson, and while she didn’t admit the reason, the pair broke up shortly after Mac Miller’s death.

Friends are worried about Ariana Grande’s emotional state right now

It was impossible not to feel bad for Ariana Grande when she broke down crying during a performance of “Thank U, Next” earlier this month when mentioning her deceased ex, Mac Miller. The crowd felt for this pint-sized songstress as she sobbed onstage in front of everyone.

Now friends and family are even more worried about her than ever.  “She’s an emotional mess right now,” a source explained. “Of course her family is worried. She has so many things on her plate and she has been trying to juggle everything while trying to also have some semblance of her personal life,” the source continued.

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She’s drinking more and lashing out

The source had plenty more to say about Ariana Grande’s mental state—and her questionable coping methods. “Ariana has been so hot and cold lately and no one knows which version of her they are going to get and right now she is more unpredictable than ever,” the source revealed.

“She is still drinking a lot and that has just made everything so much worse,” they continued. “Everyone is just praying for the best outcome right now, but she really needs to slow down.”

We’ll be hoping for the best for Grande—it sounds like a little time off and some space is exactly what she needs to get past the trauma in her life.