From Blink-182 to ‘Unidentified’: Why Did Tom DeLonge Leave the Punk Rock Band?

Tom DeLonge apparently isn’t your average punk rocker. The former Blink-182 guitarist has interests that settle far outside the realm of traditional hobbies for rock stars. In fact, his interests were so outside the box that the veteran rocker split from his bandmates to pursue something a bit more complicated. DeLonge is the executive producer on a History Channel docuseries, and he has big plans for the project. In short, DeLonge is dedicated to proving one of his band’s songs was dead right – “Aliens Exist.” 

What is Unidentified about?

Tom DeLonge’s name is attached to the Unidentified project, a recently premiered History Channel series. As executive producer, DeLonge has worked hard to gather never before seen footage, speak with experts in the field, and even interview individuals with classified information, according to People. He’s put in the leg work to prove, once and for all, that we are not alone in this universe. In short, he wants the world to know that aliens do exist and that they’ve visited Earth in the past.

Unidentified, shot in a docuseries format, will explore the history of alien encounters and delve into exactly what the United States Department of Defense knows about UFOs and their potentially extraterrestrial drivers. DeLonge is also hoping to uncover files that the government has kept away from the public. Unidentified promises to disclose information that has never been made public before.

DeLonge was the subject of mockery for years

Delonge, 43, spent decades working on Blink-182, but when he left the band in 2015, the tabloids caught wind of his newest venture. The To The Stars Academy was in the works when DeLonge walked from the group. While he insists that he left Blink-182 when a new contract didn’t fit in with his already established commitments, tabloids would hear none of it.

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Instead, media outlets began reporting that DeLonge had walked away from the band in an attempt to hunt aliens. Mockery aside, DeLonge has gone on to found the To The Stars Academy, which has been putting in work to advance science associated with outer space. To The Stars Academy recently released information suggesting they are working at a severe deficit. In fact, many worry that the project will eventually be halted.

When does Unidentified air?

Unidentified’s first episode was released on May 31, 2019. Eight episodes are slated to be included in the series’ first season, but there might be more on the way, too. The History Channel will likely wait to see how the series performs before they order more from DeLonge and his team, but as it stands, the channel is dedicated to the concept.

Unidentified will air every Friday at 10 pm for the duration of the season. The first episode is available for streaming directly from the network’s website.