From ‘Ghostbusters 3′ to ‘Ghost in the Shell’: 5 Buzzing Rumors

Here’s a look at the rumors that were heating up Hollywood last week.

Jason Kempin/Getty Images
Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Melissa McCarthy and Lena Dunham as Female Ghostbusters

In a recent appearance together on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen spoke to McCarthy and Dunham about the possibility that they are both up for roles in the female-led, third Ghostbusters movie, which is set to be directed by Paul Feig. McCarthy has continuously denied that she’s associated with the project, but Dunham said that, “Every lady in town who fancies herself a jokester wants in.” McCarthy has worked with Feig on numerous occasions, including her breakout film Bridesmaids. She’s also set to star in Feig’s next film, Spy. Ellen ended up deciding that all three of the women would be in the film together based on their skills playing the “Heads Up!” charades-esque mobile game. Just as every female comedian might be dying for a role in Feig’s third installment of the classic comedy franchise, pretty much every female comedian in Hollywood has been rumored to be cast in the film.

Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images
Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

Marvel Narrows It Down to 3 for Doctor Strange

According to a report from The Wrap informed by various industry insiders close to Marvel, the studio has narrowed it down to three candidates for the coveted — and seemingly un-castable — role of the superhero sorcerer Doctor Strange. Joaquin Phoenix was the frontrunner at first, but then talks between the reclusive and picky actor and Marvel broke down. While The Wrap says that Phoenix could reconsider taking the role due to Robert Downey Jr.’s announcement that he would appear in Captain America 3, that seems unlikely.

The three actors that Marvel most wants for the part now are Colin Farrell, Benedict Cumberbatch, and fan favorite Keanu Reeves, according to the publication. Farrell and Cumberbatch have both gotten a lot of attention recently for picking up big roles; Farrell landed a starring part in the second season of HBO’s True Detective and Cumberbatch is thought to be an Oscar contender for his new movie The Imitation Game. Reeves is being considered due to a fan campaign from comic book readers who believe the actor would be the perfect person to embody the character of Doctor Strange.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images
Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Tom Hardy as Apocalypse in Next X-Men

In that same report from The Wrap, the publication says that Tom Hardy was once being considered for Doctor Strange but has decided to pursue other comic book adaptations instead and probably won’t be seen in a Marvel movie anytime soon. Where you could see him is playing the titular villain in X-Men: Apocalypse, the follow-up to director Bryan Singer’s very successful X-Men: Days of Future Past, which got rave reviews and performed well at the box office. The Wrap describes the actor, best known for playing the villain Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, as being “courted” for the part, so we’ll see if the people behind X-Men can nab him for the role.

source: Universal
Source: Universal

Scarlett Johansson to Lead the Ghost in the Shell Live-Action Movie

Johansson seems to fancy herself an action star after playing Marvel’s Black Widow and the super-smart ass-kicker Lucy. Now Deadline is reporting that the actress has been offered $10 million to be in the live-action adaptation of the classic manga the Ghost in the Shell. Johansson would play the cyborg main character Major Motoko Kusanagi, who works for the fictional covert ops unit of Japan’s National Public Safety Commission and specializes in fighting cyber crimes. Kusanagi is a strong and intelligent leader who fearlessly fights the book’s worst terrorists and criminals. Given how well the Marvel films that feature Black Widow and Lucy have performed critically and at the box office, Johansson is worth the $10 million price tag.

Source: Ian Gavan/Getty Images
Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Hans Solo as a Stormtrooper

J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII will soon finish filming, but that doesn’t mean the rampant rumors surrounding the super-secret production are anywhere near over. The latest rumors say a man who fit the description of Harrison Ford (give that whatever weight you will) was seen wearing a Stormtrooper costume on the set, meaning that at some point in the movie, Han Solo could disguise himself as a Stormtrooper. That information comes from people close to the set who reported to the fan site Making Star Wars. The person did not for certain see Harrison Ford in a Stormtrooper outfit, so this plot twist very likely might not be occurring, though it would be fun. A couple other websites have reported similar rumors from the Star Wars set, so it is a possibility. Of course, the big question now is where Star Wars rumors are going to come from once filming wraps up.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images
Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Taylor Kitsch in True Detective

While we know for sure that Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn are going to star in True Detective season two, there are still some roles in the second season’s plot that need to be filled. Friday Night Lights’ Taylor Kitsch has long been rumored for the role of the partner detective to Colin Farrell’s character, while Vince Vaughn will play the antagonist. Kitsch spoke about the rumors on the red carpet this week, but only told Access Hollywood that he is “rumored” to be up for the part and said “you’ll know in a couple days.” While it seems like Kitsch is for sure in the bag, we can only hope that at the same time HBO will also announce which actress has landed the coveted female lead.

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