From Vine to Multi-Hyphenate Status: Viral Star Kenny Knox Has a New Podcast

When Vine no longer existed, many of the creators who became famous through the platform had to look at other outlets to continue their work. Kenny Knox, one of the most famous Vine creators has now been super successful on social media platforms like Instagram, and now, he has a podcast!

Kenny Knox in 2018
Kenny Knox in 2018 | Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

What is Kenny Knox known for?

Knox, who is 22, first gained massive success online as a popular creator on the now-defunct app, Vine. He first started in 2014 and collaborated with several other popular viners like dopeisland and MeechOnMars.

After Vine went dark, Knox and the others took to Twitter, Instagram and more to present their content, where they also found success.

At the time of publishing, Knox had almost 300,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 865,000 followers on Instagram.

At the 9th annual Shorty Awards, he won Viner of the Year. This was the last ceremony that the award was handed out. He beat out competition like Matt Post and Chloe Lmao. At the time, he had over 1.5 million followers on the social platform.

He chats with other stars on his podcast

Late last year, Knox launched The Hard Knox Podcast. On the podcast, he chats with fellow creatives and celebrities as they talk about journeys and much more. The podcast, which lives on his YouTube channel and the Himalaya app, had four episodes so far.

The official description of the podcast reads, “Whether he’s interviewing and comically freestyling with other influencers and rappers, breaking down how to succeed on social media, or ranting about crowd-sourced topics that range from music and fashion, to comedy and pro wrestling, Kenny always keeps the vibes light and fun. “Hard Knox Podcast” is a party your ears don’t want to miss out on!”

Most of the episodes are with other creators that sprung up from Vine. Nathan Zed, a popular Viner was the guest of the third episode.

Another episode features dopeisland, who is now beginning to venture into music under the name Seventh Angelo.