‘Frozen’ Is the Highest Grossing Animated Film Ever, But Will Pixar Fix That?

Source: http://movies.disney.com/frozen/gallery

The success story never seems to end with Disney’s (NYSE:DIS) animated musical, Frozen. The film premiered at the end of last year  on November 27, a bit early for the winter vacation and Christmas moviegoers. But timing didn’t stand a snowball’s chance in the face of Frozen.

The film quickly leapt up to become the No. 1 movie in the box office, a position that it enjoyed for some time. Even after the film slipped from the No. 1 spot, it made a comeback seven weeks after its premiere to once again become No. 1, as if that were its favorite number.

Now it seems like Frozen has stepped up to become a different type of No. 1. While Toy Story 3 had been the top-grossing animated film for several years, Frozen wasted no time in leap frogging the toys to take that title, awarded the No. 10 spot for top-grossing films of all time before adjusting for inflation, according to Box Office Mojo.

It may have helped that the films appeal hasn’t been limited to just children, nor to just English speakers. Frozen’s overseas take has amounted to 62.8 percent of its gross revenue, reaching a total of $674 million. The domestic take was $394.4 million. The strength of foreign box offices may have been increased by the successful dubbing of the movie into various languages so the songs could have their full impact in the native language of viewers globally.

There’s still room for Frozen to grow. The film has only been out for a few months, and sales of copies of the movie only recently started. Not to mention the film’s continued presence in foreign box offices and the money that will still be going to its name from those sources.

Frozen isn’t far from topping The Dark Knight Rises‘ $1.084 billion, and it’s only a stones throw from there to leap over Skyfall’s $1.1 billion. This would make it the eighth highest grossing film of all time before inflation based on Box Office Mojo’s data.

The snowy film’s fortune may not hold out terribly long, though — of course, Disney’s will — as it has been recently announced that Pixar would be working on a number of sequels to its popular animated films.

As can be seen with many popular films, there are major returns to be had when creating sequels. Iron Man was a huge financial success, though small in comparison to Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3Toy Story 3 was the most successful of the series, and Cars 2 placed in the 100 highest grossing films while the first installment in the series didn’t.

Pixar’s Finding Nemo sits at No. 26 on Box Office Mojo’s list with $936.7 million while The Incredibles took No. 75 with $631.4 million. Both of these films have sequels in the works. Considering that the original Finding Nemo made just shy of a billion dollars, it would be a reasonable guess to say that the sequel will break that figure. If it breaks it by much, it could quickly see itself becoming the new No. 1 animated film of all time. Whatever the case, Disney wins.

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