‘Full House’ Becomes Fodder for Terrible Lifetime Movie

With the news that Netflix is reviving the classic ’90s sitcom Full House with a Netflix original series spinoff, Lifetime has decided it wants to get in on the nostalgia in a very Lifetime way.

According to Deadline, the network just green-lit The Unauthorized Full House Story, which will be similar to last year’s The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story. Similar to the Saved By the Bell TV movie, The Unauthorized Full House Story will tell what happened behind the scenes during the making of the show’s eight seasons. The same screenwriter and producers from Lifetime who worked on The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story are involved in this project as well.

The Unauthorized Full House Story will examine the pressure the actors faced to portray a nearly perfect family unit while dealing with their more complicated real lives and the massive fame resulting from the hugely popular sitcom. The cast members, including John Stamos, Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, Lori Loughlin, and toddlers Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen formed their own strong bond during the time they worked together.

If The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story is anything to go by, Lifetime’s Full House exposé will be just as trashy and awful as other TV movies the network is known for. “Is The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story the worst movie that has ever been made for television?” asked a review by The Daily Beast. The movie was lambasted for being poorly written, poorly acted, and totally boring, skipping over all the tawdry details from the memoir it was based on by Dustin Diamond, the actor who portrayed Screech on the show.

Lifetime is always trying to outdo itself when it comes to bad programming, especially of the unauthorized variety. The network has become sort of the go-to place for unauthorized biopics that have angered the families of those being portrayed, including Grace Kelly, Brittany Murphy, Aaliyah, and Whitney Houston. And how can we forget the new reality show Birth in the Wild, which follows women who choose to have all-natural births in dangerous places?

Choosing Full House as a subject was fairly predictable, as the show is back on everyone’s minds with the announcement that Netflix is reviving the series with a spinoff that will reunite as much of the original cast as it can get. Stamos was instrumental in bringing about a Full House reunion, and he revealed the news about the upcoming Netflix original series Fuller House.

That 13-episode series will air in 2016 and follow Candace Cameron-Bure’s character, D.J. Tanner, who is now a pregnant and recently widowed veterinarian. D.J.’s younger sister, the aspiring musician Stephanie, moves in, along with D.J.’s childhood best friend Kimmy Gibbler and Gibbler’s own teenage daughter, who will help with D.J.’s two sons and the baby on the way. The original show, of course, followed Saget’s character as he negotiated raising his own family in the wake of his wife’s death.

Given the atrocious reviews that The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story got, as well as the pretty benign story behind Full House, The Unauthorized Full House Story looks like it’s going to be equally as boring. Fans of the show should probably just wait for the Netflix series to debut next year.

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