Funko Pop is Making an Animated Movie and Fans Want Crossovers

There are Funko Pop! collectors in the world who track new releases the way a day trader tracks stocks, and many are experts in the vast number of categories and characters that make up the toy line. Love for the little vinyl figurines exists among non-collectors of all ages too. You’ve seen them.

No one is immune to becoming Funko’d. Athletes, cartoon characters, movie monsters like Freddy Krueger, superheroes, celebrities, and political figures are just a sampling of who’s gotten the Funko Pop treatment. Now, the brand is about to get its own treatment in the form of a movie.

Funko Pop Star Wars
Funko Pop Star Wars figures | Getty Images/ROBYN BECK/AFP

Funko Pop movie deal announced this week

An animated feature is in development that will bring the popular toys to life on the big screen. Deadline reported that Warner Bros. Animation is partnering with Funko to create the feature film. Warner Bros. has already been in business with the brand, but this new deal optioned the film rights for the collectibles.

The studio has already lined up a team to write the story, which includes Lloyd Taylor and Teddy Newton, and its director, animation legend Mark Dindal.

Per Deadline, Funko boss Brian Mariotti couldn’t be happier:

“We’re thrilled for this opportunity and are committed to make an amazing Funko movie that stands on its own merit. This isn’t about selling toys or building a brand. The team at Warner Animation Group have a unique vision of what the first film should be and we are extremely excited to take this journey alongside them.”

No Funko cast list has been released this early in the game, but ScreenRant notes it’s rumored that Deadpool, Darth Vader, and My Little Pony will be in it. Seriously.

Why fans would love to see crossovers

On television, whenever there’s an opportunity for separate but interconnected storylines to come together, it’s a major event. In the world of Funko, it’s almost like anything goes. Multiple crossovers could happen in a movie like this, and fans know it.

We realize there are licensing and intellectual property issues at play, but with the abundance of figurines in the Funko vault, imagine where things could go.

Beetlejuice and Deadpool? Princess Twilight Sparkle and Deadpool? Harry Potter and Tom Brady? Pennywise and Harley Quinn?

Think about it. Marvel, Disney, Hasbro, and Warner Bros. characters together in one movie. The plot would thicken beyond recognition, making this a wild and amusing ride.

Funko Pop is big business

You may not buy the figurines yourself, but you’ve certainly seen their pervasive presence everywhere. A Vox article describes Funko’s business model of “popifying anything” and how the figures hold a special appeal for adults.

According to the piece, Funko earned over $650 million in 2018 with more than 80% of those sales coming from the vinyl toys. Though some find the large heads and empty eyes to be creepy, people love the variety and the nostalgia found in the miniature designs.

Forbes described the company as a “beacon of innovation” thanks to its ability to join forces with other brands and branch out. This is especially true when it comes to licensing.

Fans will have to stay updated to learn more about the Warner Bros. film and see where it takes some of the world’s most beloved characters. If Deadpool is in it, the theater will be packed.