FX’s ‘American Horror Story: 1984’ Episode 3 Recap — ‘Slashdance’

Another week passed and still, the crew hasn’t left this killer summer camp of American Horror Story: 1984. Can Margaret Booth kill Mr. Jingles before he killed the camp counselors? Will Brooke, Xavier, and the others finally escape Camp Redwood? What’s the deal with the ghost from the 1970s? Here’s what you might’ve missed from the latest episode of FX’s horror series.

This article contains spoilers from episode three of American Horror Story: 1984, entitled ‘Slashdance!’

Viewers last left the cast of ‘American Horror Story: 1984’ trapped in two different cabins

This episode picks up right where we left off. The Nightstalker is breaking into the cabin with Brooke, Ray, Chet, and Nurse Rita when Ray suggests they split up and run in four different directions. Thankfully, the nurse finally found her keys, so they have a chance at running to the car. Their plan gets cut short when the Nightstalker enters the cabin and stabs Ray. Chet pushes the killer and the two guys run away, Ray bleeding along the way.

Mr. Jingles is breaking into the other cabin, or so they think. He throws a burning bag of poop through the window and Brooke, Xavier, and Trevor Kirchner discover that it’s just two kids playing a plank. The pranksters really laughing their heads off when the real Mr. Jingles appears and stabs one of them. Our protagonists make a run for it as Mr. Jingles adds another ear to his collection.

American Horror Story: 1984
American Horror Story: 1984 | Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for FX

Nurse Rita isn’t who she says she is

So, everyone is running to the car, but Chet and Ray hit a speedbump, or rather, fall into a hole. Rey is okay, but Chet gets stabbed through the chest by one of the spikes at the bottom. Nurse Rita and Brooke, however, make it to the car. Brooke decides they’ve waited long enough and suggests they go for help. The nurse shrugs it off and says Brooke can take the car and she’ll wait there. Plot twist! The nurse injects a shot of horse tranquilizer into Brooke, causing her to fall down and stay stuck at Camp Redwood.

Turns out, one week ago Miss Chambers, the “nurse,” went to visit Mr. Jingles in the psych ward. She claims she talked to a bunch of serial killers in the past and wants to give Mr. Jingles a shot. She goes to have a conversation with Mr. Jingles, who seems eerily unresponsive. That is, until she turns off the tape recorder and asks about his time in the army. He says high fructose corn syrup might have caused his outbursts. She says that something twisted his brain and maybe it wasn’t his fault. The nurse tells him she wants to study him “in his natural habitat,” In the name of science, of course. She says he could even be the world’s last serial killer, giving him redemption. The cherry on top? This woman is pretending to be the nurse who was supposed to work at Camp Redwood, Nurse Rita.

Chet is still alive but he’s barely breathing. Ray decides he has a confession. When he was in a college fraternity, a pledge brother fell down the stairs and fell unconscious. Ray thought he died, and because the boy died in the frat house, Ray suggests they stage the death a different way — by having his car drive him over a cliff. Just as the boy was about to go over, he woke up. Ray decided not to tell anyone and eventually dropped out of school. He tells all this to Chet because he believes he couldn’t hear, but don’t worry, Chet heard everything. Ray ends up climbing out of the hole and leaving Chet, and his secret, down there.

There’s a twist with the Nightstalker

Xavier, Montana, and Trevor make it to the motorcycle but Xavier decided to go back for Margaret, saying that maybe it’ll clear his conscience. Just then, they hear Mr. Jingles. The run to hide and they find the original nurse, who was tied up. She runs out just as Mr. Jingles gets to them and he kills her by shoving a literal oar in her mouth. Luckily, Mr. Jingles didn’t hear them, but the three notice the nurse’s name tag, which says “Rita.”

Ray finally runs into Montana, Xavier, and Trevor. Together, they figure out that Nurse Rita isn’t the real Nurse Rita. Trevor gives Ray and Montana the keys to the motorcycle and Xavier and Trevor go looking for the rest of the people in the camp. Xavier and Trevor wander upon Chet, who is dying down in the hole. Xavier heads down and helps him out. The two climb out of the hole and Trevor decides he’s had enough. When they think they hear Mr. Jingles coming, Trevor pushes him in the hole. They quickly release it was another prankster and not the real Mr. Jingles.

Montana and Ray try to leave but the Nightstalker appears from a bush. Ray makes it to the motorcycle and ditches Montana, but when he’s driving out of there, Mr. Jingles literally decapitates him. (Ray is the first of our “protagonists” to die.) Back with Montana, the viewers think they’ve seen the last of her, but just as the Nightstalker is about to strike, the two start making out and Montana asks him, “why haven’t you killed her yet?”

The next episode of American Horror Story: 1984 premieres on Oct. 9 at 10 p.m. EDT.