‘Game of Thrones’: Aaron Rodgers Had a Cameo in the Show’s Latest Episode

There are many celebrities who are Game of Thrones fans. Only a select few have made it into the show. Football player, Aaron Rodgers has revealed that he had a cameo in the latest episode of the show. Who did he play? Here is everything you need to know.

Aaron Rodgers was rumored to have a cameo in Game of Thrones

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers | Ben Jared/PGA TOUR/Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers quarterback revealed that he somehow had insider information about the final season of Game of Thrones. He didn’t reveal how or what it is exactly.

“I have a bit of inside information about who is alive in one of the episodes, but I’ll share that down the line,” he said according to Packers Wire. He did share his prediction ahead of the episode, “The Long Night.”

I think half of the people that we saw – I feel like it was kind of a goodbye episode – so half the people around the fire are probably going to die,” he said. “I think there’s a lot of sacrificial characters that have come back. Theon, he’s gonna have to play some kind of role to redeem what he did in Winterfell. I think a major character that we maybe don’t expect is going to go this week.”

The football player also got to play in the world of Game of Thrones. The show posted a video of Rodgers on the Iron Throne introducing himself on Twitter ahead of the new season.

Rodgers played a character in Kings Landing in “The Bells”

“The Bells” showed Daenerys Targaryen and her army taking Kings Landing. She ended up burning down a lot of it and that included killing civilians.

So there were many scenes of civilians trying to flee from the dragonfire and falling rubble throughout the episode. The football player apparently played one of those civilians who had to make a hard decision to survive.

He revealed that his character “was helping a woman who was injured … set her down … then the hell with her I’m getting out of there,” according to Entertainment Weekly.

He also posted a picture in his costume on Instagram with the caption, “It was just for a few seconds, but I’ll always be thankful to have been on the penultimate episode of @gameofthrones#crazyepisodetonight.”

This isn’t the first celebrity cameo on the show

Game of Thrones has built the world of Westeros and cameos can easily take fans out of that. However, the show hasn’t shied away from celebrity cameos before.

Will Champion of Coldplay was a drummer at the Red Wedding. Sigur Rós also performed in a band at Joffrey’s wedding only to get food thrown at him. Animal Circus’ lead singer, Hizdahr zo Loraq had a cameo as a slave trader.

One of the biggest cameos was Ed Sheeran’s in Season 7’s premiere. He played a soldier who sang around a campfire with other soldiers a song called “Hands of Gold.” The cameo got so much flack that Sheeran temporarily deleted his Twitter account.

It looks like sports fans are having a lot more fun enjoying Rodgers’ character. There is one more episode left. Perhaps there will be another celebrity cameo in store.