‘Game of Thrones’: Are Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke Dating in Real Life?

There’s nothing better then when your favorite on-screen romance turns into reality. There’s just something special about falling in love on set.  With a show as deep of Game of Thrones, it’s no surprise that people have been placing bets on IRL romances since season one. Despite all of the ever-evolving relationships, it’s Dany and Jon that some fans wanted to see together the most.

A look at Dany and Jon’s relationship

Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow first crossed paths in the seventh season of Game of Thrones. Due to them both needing an ally they joined forces to obtain their goals. But working together came with a price. The two powerful characters began to develop feelings for one another. In a war-torn world, love is already a complex thing, but in the case of Targaryen and Snow…things were extraordinarily complicated.

Against all the odds, the perfect pair wrap up season seven by consummating their love and go from unusual allies to taboo lovers. Of course, the couple had no idea that they were biologically connected at the time; Targaryen being the aunt, and Snow being her nephew. Incest aside, one has to admit they are a pretty dashing pair. One that confused fans as they tried to figure out if they were ready to ship the relatives, even if the actors weren’t

Love among siblings isn’t the only issue here either. Targaryen’s entire quest has been about revenge and acquiring her rightful royal spot, but with a remaining male member in the mix…that right no longer exists. As if their familial relations weren’t enough, the realization that Dany’s quest isn’t what she thought it was is going to be a huge point of tension for the troubled couple. 

Are Harington and Clarke following in their character’s footsteps?

Drama aside, Targaryen and Snow are a picture-perfect couple. Naturally, fans wanted nothing more than the actors behind the duo also to be dating IRL. There has been plenty of times in Hollywood history where steamy on-screen romances evolved into the real deal. Just look at what happened with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith!

With as much chemistry as the pair had, stories of the two dating began to spread like wildfire. But they actually connected off-screen long before that fateful finale! Before even shooting the first season in 2010, Harington admitted that he found Clarke to be unbelievably beautiful. The two became fast friends and in 2012 they did a pretty tantalizing photoshoot. The pair even kissed during the shoot — a magical moment the photographer was able to immortalize.

Rumors were already amidst, but then trouble started brewing. Apparently, Clarke wasn’t Harington’s golden girl, Leslie Rose, another GOT actress, was the apple of his eye.

Who are Harington and Clarke dating?

Just as the rumors said back in the summer of 2012, Harington is paired up with fellow GOT star, Rose. While their relationship was apparently on-again, off-again, the pair seem to be back together and very much in love. In fact, they graduated from just dating to married. They announced the marriage back in 2017 with an adorable notice in Times Newspaper.

Clarke’s love life, however, is on a completely different path. The real-life Mother of Dragons just got out of a relationship. She was dating Charlie McDowell, a well-kept secret until late last year. Once the pair unofficially announced their dating with duplicate Instagram pics, they were far from shy when it came to the PDA. 

As of February of this year, it appears the Clarke and McDowell have gone their separate ways, with Clarke taking the helm. Perhaps she’ll follow Harington’s footsteps and find true love soon!