‘Game of Thrones’: Brienne of Tarth is Probably Dying is Season 8 Episode 3

Let’s face it, she had a good run. But, all jokes aside, Brienne of Tarth is probably not going to make it to episode four of the final season of Game of Thrones.

For a lot of people, this news is probably hard to swallow. Brienne is honorable, she is noble, she is the reason several of the Starks are still alive. And this is precisely why she is probably going to die.

She’s at the height of her life

If you didn’t watch episode two of this season, then go do that before you read any further. If you did watch last week’s episode, then you know that Brienne was just knighted. Being knighted is all that she ever wanted and more than she ever thought possible. To top that off, she was knighted by the guy that she has been pining after since almost the very beginning of the show, Jaime Lannister.

She fulfilled her oath

We all know Brienne loves a good oath. Early on in the series, Brienne pledged her life to Lady Stark. Before her death, Brienne promised Lady Stark that she would find Sansa and Arya and bring them back to Winterfell.

Well, both Stark girls are now safely back in Winterfell with the rest of their living relatives so Brienne isn’t really needed anymore.

No one is happy for long

In a show like Game of Thrones, you quickly learn that none of the characters are allowed to be happy for very long. In the first season, Ned Stark was made Hand of the King, a very prestigious role. By the end of the season, he was beheaded.

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Rob Stark thought he had found love. He even had a baby on the way. As a result of his happiness, he, his lover, his unborn baby, and mother were all killed.

All of this just goes to show that the writers of Game of Thrones don’t care at all how the viewers feel or who they are attached to. If they want to kill someone off, that’s exactly what they will do. And they have proven that time and time again.

What do fans think?

Fans were certainly happy to see Brienne knighted, but were a little skeptical of what this meant for the character’s future.

“Her name is Ser Brienne of Tarth,” one Twitter user wrote. “The purest character of #GameofThrones. See behind her? That’s the entire fandom. If anything happens to her, we riot.”

“I’m so happy for my shooter Brienne for finally getting the Knight ranking she deserves,” another person tweeted. “It’s all she ever wanted. The smile on her face was so pure and joyous. She’s definitely bout to die.”

Others commented that we probably wouldn’t get a happy ending to Brienne’s storyline.

“Brienne fulfilling her oath AND becoming a knight?!” one fan wrote.
She’s accomplished everything and #GoT doesn’t do happy endings soo.”

As any true GOT fan knows, good fortune doesn’t last long on the show so seeing your favorite character in good spirits is cause for concern.

Here’s to hoping Brienne can prove us all wrong and survive.

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