‘Game of Thrones’: 6 Characters Who Should Be Killed Off

Game of Thrones has always specialized in a death-centric approach to each season. Each run of episodes is precluded with a round of “who’s going to die next?” conversations, and this year was no exception. The answer to that question in Season 6 was apparently “freaking everybody,” leaving us with little in the way of surviving characters. Still, the ones who somehow made the cut for Season 7 are far from safe, especially on a show that’s proven anyone can die at any given moment.

Knowing that, the door is left wide open for possibilities. Maybe Daenerys will get taken down by a White Walker. Or perhaps Jon Snow will die for a second time, completely eviscerating the fandom and destroying all hope for a happy ending. It’s just the sort of thing Game of Thrones would do to us after all the fan service in Season 6 too. While those are all likely possibilities, a handful of deaths are far more feasible.

1. Littlefinger

'Game of Thrones': 6 Characters Who Should Be Killed Off

Just look at that smirking little face of his… | Source: HBO

Petyr Baelish has proven himself to be one of Westeros’s premier schemers over six seasons. He’s operated largely behind the scenes, and played an integral role in the death of two kings, taken over House Arryn, and kept his machinations a secret from virtually everyone in the process.

Season 6 wrapped up with Littlefinger trying to convince Sansa to help him take the Iron Throne, while leering at her from afar in a creepy sort of “I wanted to wife up your mom, but you’ll do just fine” way. We’re about to have far bigger things to worry about than Littlefinger’s schemes though, and with the White Walkers approaching, it makes him more expendable with each passing moment.

2. Cersei Lannister

'Game of Thrones': 6 Characters Who Should Be Killed Off

Long live the Queen? | Source: HBO

Cersei Lannister’s story has been one riddled with poor decision-making and self-fulfilling prophecies. It was that much more surprising then, when in Season 6, she ended up sitting on the Iron Throne as the first ever Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

Her rule likely won’t last long all the same, given that Daenerys Targaryen is headed west with the world’s largest army at her back. Cersei hasn’t proven herself to be anything even resembling judicious under pressure, and when Daenerys’s siege of King’s Landing inevitably begins, we see only one possible outcome: the death of the newly-crowned Queen.

3. Euron Greyjoy

'Game of Thrones': 6 Characters Who Should Be Killed Off

Euron Greyjoy | Source: HBO

In the Song of Ice and Fire novels, Euron Greyjoy is painted as a villain even more deplorable than Ramsay Bolton and Joffrey Baratheon combined. The show has him as a far less fleshed-out character, hastily introducing him in Season 6 before a hostile takeover of the Iron Islands.

When we last left him, he was building a fleet of a thousand ships, in hopes of wooing Daenerys into a strategic marriage. Daenerys has since sided with Yara and Theon Greyjoy, putting her at odds with the newest ruler of the Iron Islands. This puts him in a similar “not important enough in the larger scheme to live” category with Littlefinger, save for a last-second emphasis on his importance as a character.

4. Melisandre

'Game of Thrones': 6 Characters Who Should Be Killed Off

The Red Lady herself | Source: HBO

There’s little doubt that the Red Lady’s racked up a long list of sins ever since she first appeared. She led Stannis Baratheon to his doom at Winterfell, killed Renly Baratheon with a demon smoke monster, and there was just the small instance of her burning a 10 year-old alive. 

Even bringing Jon Snow back from the dead doesn’t clean her slate, putting her on the chopping block for some good old-fashioned Game of Thrones justice. We know she’s about to head south after being exiled by Jon. We also know that Melisandre is on Arya Stark’s kill list, and that Arya just started making her way through a Westeros revenge tour.

5. Sandor or Gregor Clegane

'Game of Thrones': 6 Characters Who Should Be Killed Off

The Hound recently resurfaced | Source: HBO

Fans have been clamoring for a face-off between Sandor and Gregor Clegane ever since Season 1, and they almost got it this year. Sadly, “Cleganebowl” was delayed once again, leaving us to wonder when (if ever) the two brothers will do battle.

It doesn’t seem like a coincidence that Sandor resurfaced toward the end of Season 6, and when you pair that with the prominent role of Zombie Gregor, the pump is primed for a climactic battle between the two brothers. It’s tough to see how the Cleganes could be brought together, but Game of Thrones always seems to find a way when it comes to incredible fight scenes. Two Cleganes enter, only one can survive. Bring on the Cleganebowl.

6. Qyburn

'Game of Thrones': 6 Characters Who Should Be Killed Off

Qyburn | Source: HBO

If there’s one character left who’s been painted as a one-dimensional mustache-twirling villain, it’s Qyburn. Since Ramsay Bolton is no longer among the living, we have to have someone who we can easily hate without complications.

Qyburn already brought Zombie Gregor Clegane back from the dead as an evil death machine, and after having 20 orphans brutally stab a geriatric old man at the end of Season 6, it won’t be hard to root for his impending death in the newest season. It’s just a question of how it occurs and who plunges the knife, although the smart money at this point is on Daenerys and her dragons.

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