‘Game of Thrones’: Clues That Brandon Stark is the Night King

Let’s face it, Brandon Stark, or the three-eyed raven formerly known as Brandon Stark, has gotten weird. So weird that he is barely recognizable. Ever since the infamous “Hold the Door” episode of Game of Thrones, when Bran learned how Hodor came to be, the young Stark has never been the same.

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment where we lost Bran and ended up with this creepy kid who just watches everyone and doles out cryptic one-liners, but alas, here we are.

There have been some theories floating around that maybe the reason that Bran is so weird now is that he’s actually the Night King!

Bran doesn’t want to become the Night King

One theory says that Bran knows that he is destined to become the Night King and is trying to stop that from happening. In season 7 of the show, he gave his sister Aryan a Valyrian dagger. If you’ll remember, this is the same dagger that almost killed him in the first season.

One user on Reddit wondered if Bran knew that he was destined to become the Night King, so he gave his sister one of the only weapons that could defeat the King so that when the moment came, she would kill him before he made his transformation.

This theory could hold some weight because Arya is probably the only Stark who could go through will killing a sibling if she had to.

Bran is already becoming the Night King

In the previous theory, Bran’s transformation into the Night King was set to happen at some point in the future. But what if Bran is already turning into the Night King?

Remember in the “Hold the Door” episode when the Night King touches Bran in a vision and leaves a mark on him? In episode 2 of season 8, Bran says that the mark allows the Night King to always know where he is. But what if the mark were more than just a tracking device?

What if the mark was actually an infection and it was spreading all over Bran’s body, completely infecting him until he becomes The Night King?

Signs that Bran is the Night King

Even if you don’t believe either one of the above theories, you still have to admit that the Bran of old is no more. One of the main reasons that it doesn’t seem like Bran is himself, or even a living person anymore, is that he fails to express any emotion.

When he reunited with his brother Jon Snow after not seeing him since the first season, he had absolutely no reaction. Not a smile, not a hug, nothing.

Another sign that Bran is either already turning into the Night King or knows that he is about to be the Night King is the fact that he offers himself up to be White Walker bait. Who else would do that besides someone who knows they have nothing to fear? It’s not like Bran can defend himself in his wheelchair. There is no other explanation for him volunteering to risk his life.

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