‘Game of Thrones’: Could 1 of These Characters Be ‘The Prince That Was Promised’?

Things are heating up on Season 7 of Game of ThronesThe Red Woman or Melisandre recently met with Daenerys Targaryen and made her motives known. She wants the Lord of Light’s prophecy of The Prince That Was Promised to come true. This would be the savior, Azor Ahai, who pulls a flaming sword from the flames and fights off winter.

The dragon mother was suspicious of this prophecy at first, but Missandei makes it clear that this could be a prince or princess. Since the prophecy is so ambiguous it leaves it open to interpretation with the character and fans. But there is one theory that is going around that is pretty surprising.

So which one of these characters could be the prince or princess that was promised? Here is the theory and reasons why it’s possible and vice versa.

1. The Hound could be The Prince That Was Promised

Sandor Clegane in the snow, turning to look over his right shoulder

Game of Thrones | HBO

Many might jump to the conclusion that Daenerys Targaryen or Jon Snow could fulfill this prophecy. They are some of the original main characters from the show. They also check off a lot of things on the list that describes the savior.

But there is a minor character that has been the subject of many theories lately — Sandor “The Hound” Clegane! A Reddit user, BeautifulMania came up with this theory and it has picked up steam. The warrior’s story has certainly steered more that way lately since he has been working closely with Beric Dondarrion and other followers of the Lord of Light.

But there is one moment in this season’s premiere, “Dragonstone” that sparked more people to believe this theory.

2. Why it’s likely: The Hound is given a vision from the Lord of Light

Sandor Clegane looks into the fire in a fireplace.

Game of Thrones | HBO

In “Dragonstone” Clegane looks into the fire and is given a vision. “Ice, a wall of ice,” he says as he looks on “The Wall. It’s where the Wall meets the sea. There’s a castle there. There’s a mountain, looks like an arrowhead. The dead are marching past, thousands of them.”

This vision might prove that Clegane’s new destiny is to stop this undead army and therefore stop the darkness like the savior. There is another reason why The Hound maybe the unexpected hero.

3. Why it’s likely: The Hound has already shown he can handle fire

Sandor Clegane is sitting on the ground before horses.

Game of Thrones | HBO

Another part of the prophecy of The Prince That Was Promised says he would be reborn amid salt and smoke. There are reasons why this description fits Jon Snow and Daenerys Targareyn, but The Hound as well. He survived his face being burned by his older brother during his childhood. This has obviously had a huge effect on him and might loosely fit the term “reborn.”

4. Why it’s likely: He was also somewhat resurrected by Septon Ray

Sandor Clegane stands in his armor looking ahead.

Game of Thrones | HBO

The Hound fights Brienne of Tarth in “The Children,” gets wounded and falls off a cliff. It’s basically assumed that he is going to die and Arya Stark leaves him to his fate. It’s not until later in Season 6 that we find out he’s alive and well with Septon Ray.

Of course, the obvious assumption is that this part of the prophecy is most fitting for Jon Snow because he dies and is resurrected. But there are some who think that’s a red herring and this aspect of Clegane’s story is the true sign of him being Azor Ahai.

5. Why it’s likely: Melisandre has been wrong before

Melisandre stands among soldiers in the snow.

Game of Thrones | HBO

The priestess first was a supporter of Stannis Baratheon under the assumption that he would be the one to fulfill the prophecy. However, he dies in battle which made Melisandre really question herself. Now she has tried to switch gears to Jon Snow and she may do it again by supporting Daenerys Targaryen. Either way, we shouldn’t let her focus be an indication of who it might be.

6. Why it’s likely: Someone other than Jon Snow is seen wielding a sword on fire in the trailer

Jon Snow and two other men are on top of a hill in the snow during a battle. One is holding a sword on fire.

Game of Thrones | HBO

WinterIsComing.net points out that there is someone seen wielding a sword on fire in the trailer for Season 7. This could be the Lightbringer which is mentioned in the prophecy as being the weapon the savior uses to combat the darkness.

7. Why it’s unlikely: We haven’t seen him interact with dragons yet

Daenerys Targaryen look at one of her dragons.

Game of Thrones | HBO

The prophecy also states that this savior will wake dragons out of stone. Clegane hasn’t interacted with dragons or dragon eggs yet to see if he has any power over them. This hint definitely points to Daenerys Targaryen since she did wake the dragons from stone.

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