‘Game of Thrones’ Director Explains How a Raven Got to Daenerys So Quickly

Game of Thrones fans had a lot of complaints about geography in the show’s most recent outing, and the episode’s director is now chiming in with a defense and an explanation.

In Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones, “Beyond the Wall,” Gendry sent a raven to Daenerys from Eastwatch, and it arrived in Dragonstone in time for Daenerys to make her way to Jon Snow and the gang not long after. This felt inconsistent with earlier seasons, in which it might take multiple episodes for a raven to travel from one part of the world to another. Daenerys also seemed to get to Eastwatch rather quickly considering how far away Dragonstone is.

While speaking with The New York Times, director Alan Taylor said that more time may have passed during the episode than it seemed.

“…Gendry’s a really great runner,” Taylor said. “Ravens go super fast. And who’s to say how much time passes on that island, since it’s always sort of an eternal twilight north of the Wall? With those three ideas in mind, I think we can lay the timing concerns to rest.”

Taylor also told the Times that he found it funny that fans were willing to accept the existence of dragons but were sticklers on raven speed.

In another interview with Variety, Taylor said that he intentionally tried to keep it vague how long the characters spent waiting for Daenerys.

“I think there was some effort to fudge the timeline a little bit by not declaring exactly how long we were there,” Taylor said. “I think that worked for some people, for other people it didn’t.”

Going on to speak about the raven speed specifically, Taylor told Variety that the ravens reaching Daenerys so quickly is what he would consider to be a “plausible impossibility.”

“So I think we were straining plausibility a little bit, but I hope the story’s momentum carries over some of that stuff,” he said.

This is hardly the first complaint that Game of Thrones fans have had about geography in the seventh season. Characters in recent episodes have been getting places far more quickly than usual, as in “Eastwatch,” when Tyrion and Davos traveled to King’s Landing from Dragonstone and back all within the 60 minute running time. With only seven more episodes left in the series, the showrunners seem to feel it has become necessary to speed things up, even if this sacrifices a bit of realism.