‘Game of Thrones’ Forgot to Answer These 8 Questions in Series Finale

The trend over the last decade is to create a series finale that leaves more questions than overly tidy answers. Back in the older era of TV, audiences felt more satisfaction seeing complete resolutions to character arcs, especially on long-running dramas. Sometimes you’d even see iconic TV characters never have a proper series finale to give them closure.

Emilia Clarke
Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen | HBO

Game of Thrones ultimately decided to not have an overly conventional ending where everyone either lived happily ever after or collectively died. Latter scenario could have happened, but we were instead given numerous unanswered questions about those who lived. In one case, it left a giant gap of a mystery about whether one prominent character could technically be resurrected.

Here’s our eight Game of Thrones finale questions to ponder.

1. Where did Drogon take Danaerys?

We’ve recently written a more detailed piece about this and where Drogon took Danaerys’ dead body after being stabbed in the heart by Jon Snow. The basic consensus says Drogon went to Essos in the east, possibly Lhazar. Other questions still abound on this and whether it leaves the door open to a continuation of the series down the road.

Is it possible Dany will be resurrected and come back in a sequel someday? Even more worth pondering is how much King Bran really knows about this and whether his adherents will somehow capture Drogon at a later time.

2. What kind of leader will King Bran be?

One thing we know for sure is Bran isn’t the Bran he was early in the series. Making him the new leader of Westeros is essentially placing the Three-Eyed Raven in control.

Perhaps you can argue having an all-seeing/knowing being in Bran’s body is a better type of leadership. It could also lead authoritarianism down the line. At least he seems to give free will to everyone, despite knowing who lives, dies, and what their future actions are.

3. What’s really West of Westeros?

If you spent time doing commentary on Twitter during the Game of Thrones finale, you likely saw more than a few saying they’re on-board for a future “West of Westeros” offshoot. Arya heads west without anyone seeing what she encounters. The ongoing joke is she might run into Westworld (maybe located somewhere in Florida).

That could be no worse than running across the Statue of Liberty sticking out of the sand along a western beach.

4. Will Tyrion finally outlive his nine (or 18) lives?

The show leaves off with Tyrion managing to get himself out of prison and becoming the head of King Bran’s small council. He’s back to the good life again, though it leaves open for debate whether Bran chose Tyrion because he’s trustworthy or if he has a tragic fate down the line.

Based on Bran’s actions, he seems to let karma play out on its own to teach lessons beyond knowing the outcomes.

5. How much power will Sansa have as queen of the North?

At the very end, we see Sansa is proclaimed Queen of the North, leaving her to rule benevolently over the people in the region. What we don’t know is how much power she’ll really have. The fact that her brother is King, there could be eventual sibling rivalry there when major decisions need to be made for the whole of Westeros.

Exploring this alone would make for a great continuation of the series, let alone Arya exploring beyond the maps.

6. How much revisionist history will go into The White Book?

The history book we see Brienne writing in at the end had fans upset she beefed up Jaime’s history, including Brienne overlooking her own proud historical achievements.

Should Game of Thrones ever continue, we’d want to see what else she’s recording in the White Book and whether she’s turning into a revisionist Pliny the Elder.

7. What kind of government or religion will dominate the new Westeros?

Having King Bran become king basically left a blank slate for what kind of government might dominate, including some sense of faith/religion. Many have cited the disappearance of the Faith of the Seven as the complete removal of organized religion in Westeros. We have to wonder how far they can really go without establishing some spiritual development, plus to atone for all the egregious activities (e.g. incest) taking place over eight years.

8. Can the entire saga really continue?

We ask this larger question as more or less a question posed to HBO. Did they tell the writers to leave a lot of things open to possibly create a continuation series someday? Such a thing probably wouldn’t happen for a few years. Regardless, it seems impossible the actors will stay away from Game of Thrones for the rest of their careers.

No matter how many Oscars or other awards they win elsewhere, they may never appear in anything quite as theatrical as Game of Thrones, unless the prequel steps up.