‘Game of Thrones’: Here’s What Kit Harington Thinks About Season 8 Critics

Any show as powerful and popular as Game of Thrones is will end up being a major target of those who think they know best how to end the show. While fans have been happy with the episodes of Season 8 so far, stars like Kit Harington are well aware of what critics are prone to say about influential pop culture media.

We all know the critical maligning Star Wars went through, even back to the days of the original trilogy. Harington likens Game of Thrones to Star Wars mythology in a recent Esquire interview. He also went after negative critics viciously.

Let’s take a look at what critics are saying and whether it matters when a show puts in as much creative sweat as Game of Thrones.

What did Kit Harington say about critics to keep them quiet?

Harington has been doing quite a few insightful interviews lately with various magazines and media outlets. Some of those interviews are very transparent regarding what he’s gone through on the show and the pride he feels about what Game of Thrones accomplished in changing television.

In his new Esquire interview, Harington lays it out on the line when it comes to any critic trying to knock what season 8 is trying to accomplish. Harington isn’t afraid to tell critics to “Go F*ck Themselves” if they take more than a half-hour to write a review running the show in the ground.

It begs a major question about Game of Thrones and whether it should be immune from the critical response. Considering it’s brought innovation to pay cable, should any criticisms be set aside based on what it’s accomplished?

For one thing, critics are only asking for trouble considering the massive fan base the show has.

The filming of ‘Game of Thrones’ was more grueling than critics know

You can argue Harington’s response to critics is well warranted considering how much hard work has been put into the show. He says no matter what critics think of the finale, it’ll still have been worth every effort based on the amount of toil the actors and production crew had to endure.

For Harington, it meant grueling night shoots in the bitter cold for the last eight years. This is why people like co-star Sophie Turner, who plays his on-screen sister Sansa, stood up for Harington making $500,000 per episode while she makes far less.

When you’re an actor putting in this much emotional and physical time into a project, you’re not going to sit back idly and watch critics try to malign your work. Of course, some critics are absolutely relentless and feel they can’t do their jobs unless they continue to fish for something negative.

Critics might change their tune when the finale airs

Let’s be honest and admit that nobody will accurately guess what the Game of Thrones finale will bring. Most likely, it’s going to take a lot of people by surprise, including more deaths than anybody could have imagined. Some of those shocking deaths will probably come before the last episode even airs.

By the end of May, critics may flip-flop on any caustic responses they’re writing now. This isn’t to say critical analysis hasn’t been tempered in recent years. Most of the worst criticism came in the first season before the show had the last laugh. The cast may get a chance to see critics eat more of their words as the latter places the entire spectrum of the show into perspective.

For Harington, he may have to deal with critics pestering him post-Game of Thrones about being typecast as Jon Snow for years to come. Arguably, it’s better if he just gives them the silent treatment rather than spewing expletives critics can use against him.