‘Game of Thrones’: Is Taylor Swift the Show’s Biggest Fan?

As we’ve seen with Taylor Swift‘s cats, she’s a big fan of specific TV shows. Naming her cats Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey showed us Taylor appreciates shows (Law & Order: SVU and Grey’s Anatomy) with strong women characters and a strong social point. Beyond those, we’re also finding out Taylor is a fan of Game of Thrones.

Some might find this surprising considering some of the ongoing criticisms about the treatment of the women characters. On the other hand, it does allow an opportunity to showcase some strong women characters who’ve kicked some major Night King booty.

Take a few minutes of your time to see how Game of Thrones strongly influenced Taylor and the music you’ve heard from her.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift watches Game of Thrones | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Taylor joined the Game of Thrones’ fan base a little late

It’s understandable why Swift wouldn’t have had time to watch GoT in the show’s early days since she was swamped with becoming a superstar. According to Taylor from a recent EW interview, she started binge-watching the show in 2016.

Sure, this would have been somewhat late into the show’s run, but it’s still possible to catch up if you have time alone. During Taylor’s self-imposed exiles from showbiz, she must have had the time to catch up.

She reportedly became engrossed with the show to a point where it started to engage her songwriting imagination. This obsession became so wrapped into her mind that her songs for her reputation album were crafted based on the characters and theatrical storytelling craft GoT brought to television.

Taylor says the combination of finding love through a warrior filter was basically a hybrid of GoT theatrics and her own relationship situations.

Taylor isn’t the only songwriter to take ideas from pop culture

Swift says in her EW interview she was embarrassed to admit her Game of Thrones infatuation/influence when meeting the producers of the show at a party. One thing she maybe didn’t know is many other songwriters have found ideas from some of the strangest places.

Do a Google search, and you’ll find hundreds of songs once influenced from various types of TV shows. Some songwriters in the television era also found ideas by simply watching a commercial or random news stories.

You’ll also find those on social media who already noticed her recent songs (like Look What You Made Me Do) were clearly inspired by Arya Stark. In many ways, you can see Arya’s spirit in Taylor when it comes to relationships and killing the Night King media beast.

We still have to wonder how Taylor really feels about GoT at times and whether she agrees with the criticisms about how women are often treated.

Swift likely places the ‘GoT’ women in perspective

The fact that GoT makes the women come out ahead (for the most part) is probably why Swift supports the show. All the scenes of rape and women being taken advantage of is obviously based on British history, despite many still saying it sets a horrible example for TV. Celebrities like Jessica Chastain and Ava DuVernay have recently spoken out on this issue, specifically Sansa’s rape scene.

On Swift’s side, she hasn’t yet addressed these plot elements. There’s still probably more than enough there for her to relate to as a sense of emotional catharsis.

Whether GoT will continue to influence her songwriting is another thing once the show ends. Real life might end up getting in the way, including eventual marriage.

Hearing autobiographical songs about marriage from Taylor someday may have just as much insight, if maybe still faux lyrical stories of payback.