‘Game of Thrones’: Kit Harington Reveals His Darkest Period on the Show

Acting on a show as monumentally popular as Game of Thrones can set any actor into a tailspin handling media and fan reactions. It seems the cast of GoT more or less underestimated what the response would be as the show progressively became more iconic each season.

Kit Harington is one who faced a dark period during the show’s run due to the cliffhanger of deciding whether his character Jon Snow had really died.

We’ve seen this happen before with similar TV character deaths. For Harington, it was like holding knowledge considered above top secret. Yes, even our President wanted to know.

The supposedly least interesting character became the most talked about

Turn the clock back to 2016 when the big season finale of Game of Thrones had everyone asking if Jon Snow was alive or dead. What caused the most hysteria is that the potential was always there Snow was dead because GoT was setting the bar for killing off all their main characters. It’s a TV trend we’ve also seen in The Walking Dead through their ensuing seasons.

This uneasy guessing about his demise created mass hysteria in the media since Kit Harington had already created an iconic character by this point. As an actor, though, Harington had to maintain one of the biggest secrets in television history.

One thing we don’t see is how actors have to keep major season finale secrets off the set for months at a time. Fans who obsess over these shows don’t hesitate to make life hell for actors in pumping them for information.

Harington found this out the hard way.

Revealing how fans reacted to the Jon Snow cliffhanger

Recently, Harington did an insightful interview with Variety discussing how he’s coped playing Jon Snow for the last eight years. During the interim in-between the fifth and sixth seasons, he was frequently interrogated at airports and other public places asking if his character was really dead.

When news leaked he was seen on the set of the show, you may remember the tidal wave of media coverage it brought. You can arguably blame the production staff for not devising ways to keep his appearance there more undercover, even if it was probably impossible to.

He was even bothered about it while doing a play in London. A mob of fans surrounded him at the stage door, making him want to run for it rather than face a stampede.

Situations like this have happened before, but not for a fantasy-themed TV show. Things got even crazier when President Obama began asking about Snow’s fate.

Did President Obama find the answer before everyone else?

According to reports, President Obama asked the head of HBO (Richard Plepler) whether Jon Snow was going to live. Obama also asked director David Nutter the same question. Neither revealed anything to our then President, even if was a first for a Commander-in-Chief to fish for information about a popular cable show.

From Harington’s perspective, this was a nightmare, despite not having to personally endure being pressed by the President. The whole situation was continuing a precedent for other actors to maintain show secrets when impatient fans couldn’t wait for the answer.

Being the guinea pig for this behavior would certainly haunt anyone in Harington’s position. Now with GoT about to end, we’re all hoping he’ll find peace doing something to reinvent his acting persona.

Let’s hope typecasting isn’t another dark period

The only negative side to playing Jon Snow all these years is Harington may be typecast for a while. With his deliberate physical change in appearance recently, the only way to avoid typecasting is to look different and prove his worth in new things.

It’s always possible he’ll go through another brief dark period overcoming the ghost of Jon Snow. If so, a year or two removal from GoT will reset the short memories of the public to accept him in something new.