‘Game of Thrones’: Kit Harington Seeks Treatment at Wellness Center for Alcohol and Stress Amid Series Ending

It’s been a rough time for the cast of Game of Thrones. First, they had to film the final season of the show that they have been working on since 2011, which meant leaving the biggest job many of them have ever known. And then when the season, that took nearly two years to make, aired, it was met with a number of grievances and harsh criticism by fans.

Some of the cast took the criticism in stride, but Kit Harington, who played Jon Snow, didn’t respond too kindly.

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“Whatever critic spends half an hour writing about this season and makes their judgement on it, in my head they can go f–k themselves,” he recently told Esquire. “Because I know how much work was put into this.”

For Harington, the show was more than just a job.

“A lot of jobs, everyone goes back to their apartments at the end of the day,” he said. “They have their lives and they have their families and they have their girlfriends or boyfriends back home. I think part of what made [‘GoT’] successful was the fact that we got on like a family. Everyone who came in was welcomed into the family.”

But now that all the dust has settled and the finale has aired, it appears that Harington may be dealing with a little more than some negative comments from fans.

Harington checks himself into a wellness facility

Page Six recently reported that Harington checked himself into a wellness facility for stress and alcohol use a few weeks before the finale aired.

Multiple sources told the outlet that GOT ending “really hit him hard.”

While at Privé-Swiss, Harington has been practicing mindful meditation and undergoing both psychological coaching and mindful meditation to help alleviate stress and negative emotions.

The Connecticut facility costs over $120,000/month.

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“Kit has decided to utilize this break in his schedule as an opportunity to spend some time at a wellness retreat to work on some personal issues,” a representative for Harington told Buzzfeed.

Why did Harington check in for treatment?

A friend of Harington told Page Six that wrapping GOT really got to the actor.

“He realized ‘this is it — this is the end’, it was something they had all worked so hard on for so many years,” the source said. “He had a moment of, what next?”

But the show ending isn’t the only reason that he’s seeking treatment.

“He’s in the clinic predominantly for stress and exhaustion and also alcohol.”

Has Harington gone to therapy before?

This isn’t the first time that Harington has sought help surrounding Game of Thrones.

“My darkest period was when the show seemed to become so much about Jon, when he died and came back,” Harington told Variety. “I really didn’t like the focus of the whole show coming onto Jon — even though it was invalidating my problem about being the weak link because things were about Jon.”

He said that people would shout at him on the streets and ask if his character was actually dead after the season five finale.

“It wasn’t a very good time in my life,” he continued. “I felt I had to feel that I was the most fortunate person in the world, when actually, I felt very vulnerable. I had a shaky time in my life around there — like I think a lot of people do in their 20s. That was a time when I started therapy, and started talking to people. I had felt very unsafe, and I wasn’t talking to anyone. I had to feel very grateful for what I have, but I felt incredibly concerned about whether I could even f—ing act.”