‘Game of Thrones’: Kit Harington Showed Up for His Jon Snow Audition With a Peculiar Accessory

Most people would agree that Jon Snow was the most important character in the entirety of Game of Thrones. The odd thing, of course, is the original central character of the show (Ned Stark) died in the first season, leaving Jon Snow to become the one to watch on his epic journey.

Kit Harington put a lot of hard work and time into perfecting this character, even if winning the role was still luck of the draw. With many actors auditioning for the part, Harington won over the casting department due to a certain look he brought to the table.

This particular “look” was a bit unexpected, including from Harington himself who initially thought it would hurt his chances.

Kit Harington had the worst luck the night before his audition

Mental Floss compiled a list of sometimes obscure trivia last year about Game of Thrones. One interesting thing revealed was the details behind Harington’s audition. The night before he was planning to try out for Jon Snow, he got into a nasty fight.

This was at a McDonald’s of all places where he was eating with his girlfriend. According to Harington for W Magazine, some random man twice his size started saying rude things to former’s date.

When Harington confronted the man, he realized it was going to be a David vs. Goliath situation. Even though Harington took a swing, the man did the same right into Harington’s eye. Said Harington in his interview: “I got battered”.

Having a black eye just 24 hours before doing an important TV audition must have placed Harington into a panic. He went in anyway with the shiner, leading to an unexpected result.

The black eye must have proven how tough Harington was for the role

No doubt David Benioff and D.B. Weiss knew that whoever they hired to play Jon Snow would have to be tough as nails to withstand the cold on-location shoots. After all, with shooting occurring for years in places like Croatia and Iceland, the conditions were sometimes brutally cold.

Seeing Harington walk in with a black eye might have immediately meant they knew this guy was not afraid of a fight. Since Jon Snow would also be battered on occasion in various battles, seeing Harington looking worse for wear was the best real-life makeup test.

After completing the audition, he got the job. Said Harington about this: “I think that man who punched me in the face may have helped me get the job. So if you’re watching, thank you”.

Just imagine that guy who punched Harington seeing this while reading or watching TV. His reaction to knowing he unexpectedly created a TV superstar might have been his own little secret to avoid public embarrassment.

Did Kit Harington really show he was tough enough to play Jon Snow?

Harington (in his W Magazine interview) noted after he got the job, he had to constantly check scripts to see if Jon Snow was going to die. He kept the possibility he could be written out after the second year already, if ultimately not.

Once the ruse was given of Jon Snow’s death and his resurrection, it seems Harington knew he was in for the long haul. After bruising himself up in a fight, little did he know he would practically freeze himself to death while working in the wintry environments of Iceland.

During filming, producers would not let him wear a hat in the cold conditions because they wanted to showcase his hair. On top of it, Harington almost lost a testicle while riding a mechanical stand-in machine for one of the dragons.

The suffering for his art was clearly set up in advance with that black eye. In addition to all the battle scenes, fans had more than a few chances to see Harington looking beat up on-screen when it probably was not always acting.