‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8: The One Thing That Proves Jaime Lannister Kills Cersei

Sad to say it friends, but we are over halfway through with the final season of Game of Thrones. It’s been a season of extreme highs and cruel lows, but really the worst is yet to come.

Though the Battle of Winterfell was rough, we made it out generally unscathed. Sure, Lyanna Mormont and Jorah Mormont had to take one for the team. And Theon Greyjoy was a “good man” for the last time, but all of the staple characters like Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, and the like made it out of the battle physically unscathed.

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Which only means one thing. That a lot of them probably won’t make it through the next few episodes.

Cersei has got to go

Cersei Lannister has been a character that many people love to hate. She is undoubtedly wicked, but there have been a few moments throughout the series where you can almost empathize with her.

Regardless, the woman has got to go.

She is the last remaining enemy of pretty much the rest of the cast and almost everyone has it out for her.

Arya has had Cersei on the top of her list of people to kill since the list was first created. She sees her as the reason that her father Ned was killed and the embodiment of the downfall of her house.

Sansa wants Cersei dead because Cersei and her son Joffrey were the beginning of a long road of suffering for Sansa. For the Lady of Winterfell, Cersei represents the destruction of her innocence.

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And last but not least, Targaryen wants Cersei dead because she is the only thing standing in her way of getting the Iron Throne. Not to mention, she is the reason that one of Targaryen’s dragons and Targaryen’s best and only friend, Missandei, is dead.

But even though all of these people have great cause to kill Cersei, they probably won’t be the ones to bring her to her end.

Who will kill Cersai?

The person who will most likely kill Cersei is the only one who has ever loved her. Her twin brother, Jaime. Jaime has been head over heels for Cersei his entire life. He has killed for her, he crippled a child for her…basically everything he has ever done has been in honor of his sister.

But Jaime is also the only one who knows how truly evil his sister is. Throughout the later seasons of the show, Jaime has struggled with wanting to become a better person and doing what is right, only to be held back by his sister.

If she’s gone, he can finally move on and have some semblance of happiness.

The prophecy

There’s also the prophecy that we can’t forget about. When Cersei was young, she visited a witch who told her that her younger brother would choke the life out of her.

Cersei always thought this referred to Tyrion, but Jaime, although her twin, was actually born a few minutes after her.

On top of that, Jaime is really the only one who Cersei would let close enough to her to kill her.

Either way, Cersei will probably die before the series is finished, so we only have to hold on a little longer to see how it happens.

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