‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8: What Will Arya Find West of Westeros?

The Game of Thrones series finale was intense and dramatic, bringing to an epic end a show that has been a mainstay of the HBO channel for well over eight years. While some fans took issue with certain things in the episode, including the way that the Mother of Dragons met her end, most were content with the way that the show wrapped up Arya Stark’s storyline.

Arya has been a fan favorite character for years, and her popularity soared when she killed the Night King in the final season. Viewers were thrilled to learn that she made it out alive and her journey is actually far from over.

Arya Stark’s character journey

Maisie Williams
Maisie Williams plays Arya Stark. | Simon Lees/SFX Magazine via Getty Images

From a feisty little tomboy tormenting her older sister to one of the deadliest assassins in all the land, Arya has had a hero’s journey unlike any other on Game of Thrones. In the first season, Arya witnessed the brutal beheading of her father, Ned Stark, at the bidding of the evil teenage ruler, Joffrey. From that day on, Arya vowed that she would avenge his death, and bring about justice for her whole family.

Over the past few years, viewers have witnessed Arya travel to the far ends of the seven kingdoms, learning how to survive in any situation. With the help of her deadly friend The Hound, she learns how to manipulate people much older and more experienced than her. Arya also becomes incredibly proficient with a sword and seems to acquire almost magical powers of cloaking and stealth. 

What’s next for Arya Stark?

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The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones showed Arya reunited with the surviving members of her family, including her older sister Sansa and brother Bran. While all the siblings have gone through hell and back during the course of the show, they do find comfort in being together again and vow to fight together in order to keep the North safe from intruders. Arya is caught up, along with the rest of her family, in the tragic events of the final two episodes, where Daenerys destroys King’s Landing in a fiery showdown of dragon blasts and blood.

After the dust settles and the survivors take stock of their situation, it is revealed that Arya has plans of her own beyond the North. She has decided to travel west of Westeros, and discover lands that have been documented only in fairy tales. This totally makes sense for Arya’s character — she has long been a student of history. Eagle-eyed fans will note that the lands to the far west, rumored to be the birthplace of several mythical creatures, have been mentioned as far back as season six. The regions to the west of Westeros haven’t even really been explored in George R. R. Martin’s books, which means that Arya’s explorations could lead her virtually anywhere. 

Will viewers ever see Arya Stark again?

While this part of Arya’s story is only beginning, viewers might not get to see the beloved character, or learn more about the lands she is bent on exploring, for quite some time. The show has reached its conclusion, and Sunday nights no longer belong to Game of Thrones

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for diehard fans. The Game of Thrones prequel, which has no set premiere date, is rumored to be about the origins of Westeros and the surrounding lands. If this is true, fans could expect to learn a little bit more about what lies in wait for Arya Stark as she crosses the sea, on a search for adventure and excitement. 

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