‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8: Who Is the Real Azor Ahai?

Some of the mysterious background characters on Game of Thrones are starting to come to light as possibly playing a significant part in the outcome of the finale. These characters usually had some relationship with one of the current characters and factor in ironically to where they are now. Case in point is Melisandre who once warned Cersei of someone younger and more beautiful killing her to claim the throne.

Another is Azor Ahai from thousands of years before who’s become a legend. Ahai was known to have defeated the nefarious Great Other with a sword called Lightbringer. To unleash the sword’s powers, he had to plunge it into the heart of his wife.

It’s said he’ll be reborn in “The Prince That Was Promised,” though who that is may mean everything or nothing.

Jon Snow seems the most logical candidate for Azor Ahai

Most people think Jon Snow will be Azor Ahai reborn based squarely on the idea Snow is the rightful heir to the throne through family lineage. What’s making this more ambiguous is the books said Ahai and the Prince are two separate prophecies. Of course, we know HBO has drifted miles beyond George R.R. Martin’s tomes.

Those prophecies could be one and the same for the series when you consider the entire show is on its own path from where everyone thought it would go. The bad news about Jon Snow possibly being Azor Ahai is he might use his sword to plunge it into the heart of Daenerys to fulfill the prophecy.

Other theories say Arya was the one who brought the Lightbringer sword to Jon to make history repeat itself.

Let’s assume this is a plot twist too easy to guess based on where we know the writers are going.

Some of the other theories are for those already dead

A leading theory is that Stannis Baratheon was Azor Ahai. Good evidence behind this is Melisandre saying so, but other characters have said this can’t be possible. One contradiction comes from Maester Aemon who said the sword Stannis possessed may have had magic from Melisandre, yet it wasn’t made of the same properties expected from the Lightbringer sword.

No doubt the other characters currently living would be relieved to know Stannis was perhaps the Azor Ahai prophecy already fulfilled. Since Stannis was killed a while ago, Jon Snow would have one less weight lifted from his mind.

A lot of twists are likely yet to come on the HBO version of Games of Thrones, so maybe having this still yet to occur would merely get in the way.

A more intriguing theory: Azor Ahai reborn is maybe a woman

Yes, the idea that Daenerys is Azor Ahai has also gained considerable traction. Maester Aemon has forwarded this idea based on the concept of Dany being the true Princess.

Her affinity with dragons is also a pivotal reason for this theory. Fans note she could wake dragons from stone, something we’ve seen is a critical part of the prophecy.

When placed in context, it shows Daenerys has a number of potential outcomes. Having the inverse from Jon Snow, though, might mean Dany will survive and kills Jon to gain the Iron Throne.

Then again, we’re also going to see her have to deal with Cersei and Arya, which is more than enough.

Prophecies like this might be proven false in the end

A great twist for the GoT finale would be if we find out all the prophecies turn out to be bogus. With so many fantasy tales having prophecies like this in their backstories, we’d find it refreshing proving similar predictions (including in the real world) can never be trusted.

We’d be reminded reality has a lot more twists, proving fantasy stories like GoT can also reflect the strange turns of real life.