‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8: Why Daenerys Will Not Sit on the Iron Throne

Who inherits the throne in Game of Thrones is being asked more often than who we think will inherit the White House in 2020. Throughout the series, viewers watched Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) attempt to regain her family’s throne: She was presumed to be the last Targaryen, ergo the rightful heir to the throne.

With the revelation of Jon Snow’s (Kit Harington) true identity — he is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen, Daenerys’ older brother — things aren’t as clear as they once were. Everyone — fans, Jon, Daenerys, Bran Stark, and even Samwell — knows Jon’s true lineage, which means Daenerys birthright and eventual fate as ruler remains to-be-determined.

Let’s weigh the options and contemplate three scenarios possibly spelling out Daenerys’s fate.

Daenerys might die, like almost everyone else

The idea that most of the main characters will die has sound reasoning based on past seasons and what’s foretold. It could be that Daenerys will die in battle and other rumors speculate that she will turn into the Night Queen.

It could also be that she’s killed by Jon. With the legend of Azor Ahai being behind some of this (including the infamous Lightbringer sword), it could mean Jon is the reincarnated Azor. If true, it might mean repeating history and Jon plunging his sword into Daenerys’ heart as the most tragic sacrifice.

Some suggest Daenerys will also become pregnant with Jon’s child and die in childbirth. When you add in a couple of prophecies foretold to her once in giving hints of possible death, the tea leaves look more obvious. In any case, her death eliminates her chances of sitting on the Iron Throne.

How do the theories hold up Daenerys is the Night Queen?

Another theory gaining some legs is the Night King will choose Daenerys as his Night Queen, essentially placing her on an ice throne. Now, this is the twist some people would hope for, even if a darker tinge to the outcome.

Having a woman as Night Queen would be a fantastic left turn, including stirring controversy because she crossed over into darkness just so could she can be with her dragons again.

Not everyone agrees with this assessment, though some contend she might also do this because she’s ticked knowing Jon is the one who has rights to the Seven Kingdoms throne. For power and gender dynamics, the writers may go there above what George R.R. Martin originally intended.

Other hints this could happen come from Clarke herself who said she’s a bit worried Dany’s outcome will leave a bad taste in the fans’ mouth after they see what happens.

Maybe an heir will take the throne instead

All those theories of Daenerys becoming pregnant by Jon seem 50/50. After all, with their intimacy lately, it seems possible she may produce the next heir to the Targaryen line.

The idea Jon isn’t who he originally was due to being brought back to life through dark magic gives a new theory he and Daenerys could conceivably have a child together without it being problematic.

The conception of Baby Targaryen could give Game of Thrones a relatively happier ending. With the heir, it’s entirely possible that Daenerys and Jon will share the throne until they raise their child, the future ruler, together. That is, assuming she’s even pregnant.

There are other contenders

Even in the Targaryen line, Jon can claim the throne. He’s liked by the people and appears to be more stable and calm than Daenerys.

But there’s also the growing popularity of Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner), who is proving to be an effective leader and a skeptic of Daenerys. Sansa wields the respect of her peers and is seen as a leadership threat by Daenerys. And she doesn’t come with the baggage: Daenerys has shown her ruthless side that could be problematic as a leader.