‘Game of Thrones’: Sophie Turner Will Be Returning to TV in a New Role

Get ready to see Sophie Turner in a role so unlike her Game of Thrones days. It’s hard to imagine Turner ever playing another character besides Sansa Stark, Queen in the North in her own right. This new television project is set to stream on Quibi.

Sophie Turner and Corey Hawkins will star in ‘Survive’

Sophie Turner
Sophie Turner | Foc Kan/FilmMagic

Turner will star alongside Corey Hawkins (The Walking Dead, Straight Outta Compton) in an adaptation of Alex Morel’s novel, Survive. Mark Pellington is directing the new series that is described as a romantic thriller.

Sophie Turner feels honored to be a part of ‘Survive’

In a statement, Turner says she feels honored to portray this new character so unlike the one she is best known for. “I couldn’t be more honored to portray the role of Jane in Survive for Quibi,” Turner says. “She’s a complex character fighting against the odds to not only save her life, but to also find her own source of strength and courage. I only hope this can impact anyone struggling with self-worth to understand they are braver than they know and to seek the support they need.”

What is ‘Survive’ about?

The complex story follows Jane, played by Turner, who decides to end it all after she is released from a mental health facility. On her way back home, she endures a terrible plane crash and lands on a mountain covered in snow. Soon, she discovers that only Paul (Hawkins) and herself survived the terrible ordeal. They must find a way to survive together.

There are big names behind the new series

Richard Abate and Jeremy Ungar are writing the new project being produced by EMH Consulting Group and Gunpowder & Sky. Van Toffler, Floris Bauer, and Barry Barclay are executive producers on the project. Abate is also a producer on the series along with Cary Granat and Ed Jones.

“After reading the script, it was clear that we’d need to find the right artist to take on the lead role in Survive and we couldn’t be happier than to have Sophie starring who brings a high caliber of talent to the table,” says Toffler, the CEO of Gunpowder & Sky. “I’m also thrilled to be making a movie with Mark Pellington who had the office next to me at MTV in the 80s and has grown to be an exceptional director.”

Granat, the CEO of EMH Consulting, also released a statement: “We are fortunate to be producing a project that will positively impact a generation who have struggled with self-worth, identity, and finding their sense of purpose. We have an incredible script, visionary director, a dream cast, and an innovative partner in Quibi to help us reach millions of people in a groundbreaking way. Ed Jones and I are thrilled to be part of this journey.”

What is Quibi?

Quibi is a streaming service unlike any other. According to The Los Angeles Times, Quibi stands for “quick bites” of video. Episodes will be released that will last about 10 minutes each, which is very different from what fans of today’s streaming services are used to. These shows will be shot by some big names including Steven Spielberg and Catherine Hardwicke. But the real kicker is the videos will be made for mobile phones. Viewers that want to access Quibi will need to download an app for their devices.

It will be interesting to see Sophie Turner in a new role that will be so different from Sansa Stark. Fans may join the new streaming platform just to see Turner in this new project.