‘Game Of Thrones’ Star and 2019 Emmy Nominee Kit Harington Talks Jon Snow’s Controversial Ending

It is no secret that the Game of Thrones series finale was met with mixed reviews amongst fans and critics alike, but in a new interview, Kit Harington admitted that he should have seen Jon Snow’s end coming a long time ago. Jon’s journey in season 8 was filled with unexpected twists and turns. Not only did he fail to kill the Night King at the pivotal Battle of Winterfell, but he also killed off Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) after she essentially went mad.

Game of Thrones Jon Snow
‘Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington | Photo credit should read ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images

After almost being executed for treason, Jon was banished to The Wall to live out his life as a member of the Night’s Watch (which strangely still exists even though the White Walkers are gone). While fans were left with a lot of questions about Jon’s shocking ending, Harington was just as surprised as anyone by how Game of Thrones wrapped things up.

Harington opens up about Jon’s ending

Given how things were going in the first couple of episodes in season 8 of Game of Thrones, many fans were not surprised when Jon took Daenerys’s life in the finale. When Harington read the script for the final season, however, he was completely shocked by the turn of events.

According to Pop Sugar, Harington shared his thoughts on Jon’s surprising ending during an interview for this year’s Emmys. Game of Thrones has been nominated in several Emmy categories, and many fans hope that the series takes home a record-setting amount of awards this year.

As far as Jon’s ending is concerned, Harington revealed that he had a “jaw-dropping” moment when he learned how Game of Thrones was going to end. Once the initial shock wore off, Harington thought the ending made sense considering all that had transpired the past few seasons.

“I remember my mouth dropping open and looking across Emilia at the table, who was slowly nodding as I went, ‘No, no, no!’ It was a ‘holy f*ck’ moment, pardon my language. Jaw-dropping. I was completely surprised by it…” Harington explained.

The Game of Thrones star also revealed that the final scene between Jon and Daenerys took a few weeks to finish. Out of all of the difficult battle scenes Harington has filmed over the years, he said that Jon’s emotional assassination of Daenerys was one of the hardest scenes he had to do.

How does Harington feel about Jon’s ultimate fate on ‘Game of Thrones’?

Harington was also asked about what he thought about Jon’s ending. In the final moments of the show, Jon was shown leading a group of people beyond The Wall. While the scene was met with a lot of backlash from fans, Harington thought it was a fitting end for his character.

The actor explained how he thought Jon’s true place was with the Free Folk and that venturing into the north meant that he was truly free. Harington then noted that he thought Jon’s ending was very “sweet,” especially considering what he did to Daenerys.

Harington also revealed that he was disappointed that Jon did not get to kill the Night King. He was, however, happy that Arya (Maisie Williams) was the one to do it and thought it was a great twist to throw into the Battle of Winterfell.

Jon’s ending may not have been what a lot of fans wanted, but it is comforting to know that the man who played him thought it was a fitting conclusion to his journey.

Kit Harington set to reunite with Richard Madden

It has been close to a decade since Richard Madden and Harington starred alongside each other on Game of Thrones, yet the two actors are set to reunite in the near future. Only this time, they are taking their talents to the big screens.

Madden is playing the part of Ikaris in Marvel’s upcoming movie, The Eternals. During an appearance at the D23 Expo, the studio announced that Kit Harington will also be joining the project. But unlike Madden, Harington is playing a normal human in the flick named Dane Whitman.

In the comics, Whitman eventually becomes a hero called the Black Knight. It is unclear if this will happen in the upcoming films, but we are confident that Harington will be putting his sword-fighting skills to use once again.

The Eternals is scheduled to open in theaters in November of 2020.

Kit Harington is also up for Outstanding Performance in a Drama for Game of Thrones when the 71st Primetime Emmys airs Sunday, September 22, on Fox.