‘Game of Thrones’: The 1 Biggest Potential Spoiler We Just Learned About Season 8

Game of Thrones doesn’t return until 2019, but Season 8 filming is well underway. As usual, thanks to some leaks from the set and elsewhere, we now have some tantalizing clues as to where the story is headed.

In fact, one recent leak is fairly massive; it’s a photo of an event that will be a huge turning point in the series. And that’s not even the only big leak we’ve gotten recently.

Let’s count down the seven biggest potential spoilers we’ve recently learned about Season 8, with that game-changing event at No. 1.

7. Jon and Daenerys might be going north of the Wall again

Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrington in 'Game of Thrones'.

They will be working together. | HBO

Recently, Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke were spotted filming scenes in Iceland, according to Winter is Coming. Traditionally, the crew has used Iceland for scenes that take place north of the Wall. So despite the fact that the White Walkers have marched south, are Jon and Daneyers headed back north? If so, it’s apparently a temporary excursion, as Iceland filming only lasted a few days.

As Winter is Coming points out, another possibility is that Iceland will stand in for some other area further south that is covered in snow because of the White Walker invasion. Either way, expect some scenes north of the Wall — or some scenes that look a lot like the north of the Wall — in Season 8.

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6. There might be a major pregnancy twist

Daenerys and Jon Snow speaking on a mountain cliff.

Is Daenerys pregnant? | HBO

This one is more of a rumor, but if it’s true, the implications are significant. TV Line is reporting that a wildly popular, Emmy-winning premium cable show that returns in 2019 will feature a shocking pregnancy twist.

The report doesn’t actually specify that this is Game of Thrones-related. But there are only so many shows that description can apply to. Two other possibilities would be Big Little Lies and Veep. A shocking pregnancy twist certainly sounds more up Game of Thrones‘ ally, though.

So what could the twist be? TV Line specifies that it involves someone being pregnant who wasn’t before, so it probably doesn’t have anything to do with Cersei. The report also states that the pregnancy will be surprising and darkly comedic.

One possibility is that Daenerys is pregnant with Jon’s baby. This wouldn’t be entirely shocking since we did see them have sex in the Season 7 finale. But it would make for a darkly comedic reveal considering the two are related and don’t know it yet.

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5. Jon and Cersei hold a meeting in King’s Landing

Cersei wears a black fur jacket.

An interesting plot twist | HBO

Some pretty significant set photos recently leaked from Croatia, where King’s Landing scenes are typically shot. In the pictures filming scenes together are Lena Headey as Cersei and Harington as Jon Snow. There’s also a figure in some of the leaked pictures that looks a bit like Clarke. David Nutter is on set, which means the scene is in Episode 1, Episode 2, or Episode 4.

What’s particularly interesting about Cersei in this scene is that she’s not wearing her crown, despite having worn it the last time she met with Jon in Season 7. At the same time, we know that the Lannisters still control King’s Landing at this point, as the Lannister flag is soaring over the city.

As if all of this didn’t give us enough information, there’s also one picture where it looks a lot like Jon is kneeling before Cersei. Could Jon bend the knee early on in the season?

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4. Arya might take part in a key battle

Arya with a fierce glare.

Arya Stark | HBO

Recently, Maisie Williams spoke with Metro and dropped an interesting piece of information: She said that at the time of this interview, she was in the middle of 12 weeks of night shoots. This might suggest she’s taking part in a key battle. After all, usually if there’s a sequence in Game of Thrones that takes a long time to film, it’s a battle.

Plus, it just so happens that in the weeks before this interview, photos and videos had leaked of a major nighttime battle taking place at Winterfell. Could Arya finally get involved in a battle for the first time?

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3. Daenerys’ dragons might arrive at King’s Landing

Viserion dragon on 'Game of Thrones'.

Viserion | HBO

A juicy bit of Game of Thrones information recently came from an unexpected source: the Season 7 DVD commentary. As reported by Winter Is Coming, on the commentary for the episode “The Spoils of War,” the visual effects artists talk about the scene where we see Cersei’s courtyard with a big map on the floor. The scene was shot indoors, but David Benioff and D.B. Weiss wanted it to appear like it was outdoors.

Why? Well, according to visual effects producer Steve Kullback, “Dan and David asked us to make it an exterior location in an upcoming episode, but I can’t tell you why. But that’ll pay off, too.”

So for some important reason, Benioff and Weiss wanted to be able to get a shot of the sky from this room in Season 8. This might suggest that the dragons will finally come to King’s Landing, and Benioff and Weiss want a shot of them casting a shadow on the map room.

If not the dragons, something terrible will probably befall King’s Landing in Season 8, with this being the reason the map room needed to be outside.

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2. King’s Landing might burn

Ships sailing toward a castle on a hill at King's Landing.

King’s Landing might be destroyed. | HBO

The idea that the commentary indicates the dragons will attack King’s Landing might seem like a leap. But that’s coupled with all of the other evidence we’ve already seen that this is going to happen.

After all, Watchers on the Wall has reported on the fact that the Game of Thrones crew is building a lot of actual sets to film King’s Landing scenes in for Season 8. Normally, they’d just film in real cities and fill the rest in with CGI. So the fact that they need practical sets for King’s Landing — in fact, the biggest set they’ve ever built — suggests they’re planning to do some damage to it.

Plus, at one of the locations meant to stand in for King’s Landing, the Game of Thrones crew was reportedly doing controlled fire tests, getting ready for an upcoming scene. And if there was any remaining doubt, Watchers on the Wall cites inside sources as saying that these locations will be destroyed by dragonfire.

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1. Winterfell likely burns down

Winterfell seen from a distance.

Leaked photos show Winterfell surrounded in flames. | HBO

King’s Landing isn’t the only location that the Game of Thrones crew has been building large, practical sets to film in. For months, photos have leaked of the crew building a giant Winterfell set, leading to some speculation that it might be destroyed.

Then, in late January, photos and videos leaked of the Winterfell set on fire. It’s not just a small fire, either; all of Winterfell appears to be ablaze. This seems to take place during a giant battle sequence. After all, according to Belfast Live, over 400 extras were present for the fire.

Watchers on the Wall also spotted the fact that in some photos, there appears to be a trench around Winterfell, in addition to a trebuchet. Is this the White Walker invasion? That’s certainly possible, seeing as they’ve breached the Wall and Winterfell isn’t far away, although they probably wouldn’t need a trebuchet when they have a zombie dragon.

Either way, it looks like the latest shocking death of Game of Thrones might be Winterfell itself.

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