‘Game of Thrones’: The One Character Most Fans Can’t Stand

All TV shows utilizing dozens of characters are going to have a few that are hated, sometimes not because they’re evil. Many times, characters are hated because they’re just annoying or don’t fit the narrative well. Or, an inexplicable audience grudge.

One thing we can say about Game of Thrones‘ cast of characters is all of them were there for a good reason. You can give credit to George R.R. Martin for always making characters necessary, whether or not you agreed with their actions.

Out of all the characters we’ve seen on GoT, who was the most hated of all? The top choice isn’t overly surprising, though you might find a few forgotten psychopaths.

5. Craster

According to Ranker, the late character of Craster is the fifth most-hated GoT character. When you go back and refresh details on who he was, you can easily see why.

Known as a wilding from the Free Folk culture, who lived in opulent living conditions north of the Wall, you can create a massive list of Craster vices. Topping the list is his horrendous proclivity toward incest with his own daughters. Raising various daughters on his homestead, he had children with them all, giving a fictional warning on the horrors of inbreeding.

He had one famous meeting with Jon Snow that was more than a little tension-filled. Eventually, Craster was stabbed to death by Karl Tanner. Being an ally of the Night Watch clearly wasn’t the best move for this creepy and non-empathetic character (played by Robert Pugh).

4. Lysa Arryn

Moving to the fourth position is Lysa Arryn, a character many have probably swept away in their memory. It’s been a while since her character died, five years ago. Nevertheless, actress Kate Dickie created a memorable baddie who was mostly more than a little mentally unstable.

Coming originally from the House of Tully, she married Jon Arryn and, as we found out later, poisoned him by the behest of Petyr Baelish. She marries the latter afterward, then falls to her death after being pushed by Baelish out the Moon Door at The Eyrie, the Arryn stronghold.

Many fans didn’t like Lysa because of her strong sense of envy against her sister, Catelyn Stark. She was still a psychologically complex character requiring a bit more careful analysis based on her still-mysterious backstory.

3. Viserys Targaryen

One of the earliest characters has moved into the top three most hated is Viserys Targaryen, brother of Rhaegar Targaryen and Daenerys Targaryen. Latter suffered horribly from her brother’s abuse, though, which gave a strong psychological backstory to how Daenerys persevered into who she is now. Viserys’s lack of morality and spoiled brat sense of entitlement is well-noted. Many fans weren’t sad he died in the first season. He dies by having molten gold poured on him by Khal Drogo.

2. Ramsay Bolton

Speaking of spoiled brats, you can add Ramsay Bolton as another near psychotic male figure who also met an ironic end. A bastard son of Roose Bolton, Ramsay marries Sansa Stark and treats her brutally.

Some of you may remember the horrific scene of Ramsay slaughtering his entire family because he worried he’d be disinherited from becoming Lord of Winterfell.

Once Jon Snow retakes Winterfell, Ramsay is executed once and for all for his family’s murders. Based on his rank, you can see executing these disturbed characters was almost cathartic for fans.

1. King Joffrey Baratheon

No doubt you’re not surprised King Joffrey ended up as the #1 most-hated GoT villain. Outside of being entertaining to watch through his slimy machinations, Joffrey’s infamous demise by poisoned food at a wedding feast is arguably the most famous character death in TV history.

British actor Jack Gleeson created a truly nefarious character for the ages and made him more in demand for other projects. What made King Joffrey so insidious is he hid his worst traits to ascend royally, making him a warning tale for similar, real-world people moving up ranks in high positions of leadership.