‘Game of Thrones’: How the Night King May Finally Be Stopped

The Night King will definitely play a huge part in the last season of Game of Thrones. His army has accomplished taking down the Wall, turning a dragon into a wight, and making his presence known to more of the leaders of Westeros.

So the big question is what will it take to take him down? There have been a few hints as to what could kill him, but there are plenty more untested theories. We decided to look at all of them. Here are seven theories about what might finally stop the Night King.

1. Untested theory: A sword from the Iron Throne

Cersei in all black, wearing a crown, and sitting atop the Iron Throne.

The Iron Throne might hold the power needed to defeat the Night King. | HBO

The Iron Throne has been the one object of everyone’s desires for a long time, and it might be easy to forget that it’s a chair that has 1,000 swords melted together by Aegon’s dragon, Balerion. Given most of the known materials that kill the White Walkers are related to dragon fire in some way, it’s possible that these swords would be useful as well.

A lot of these swords are bent by the fire of a dragon and haven’t been sharpened or used in ages. So there will be some preparation needed. But given the end of the series will require all of Westeros coming together to fight off the Long Night, it would not only be practical, but symbolic, to dismantle the Iron Throne to use it against the White Walkers.

The new throne after the war could be symbolic of a less authoritarian rule. Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow claim to want to bring peace and a new kind of rule Westeros, and this could be the opportunity to show that to their people.

2. Untested theory: The person who created him must be killed

The Night King stands with icy blue eyes.

The Night King’s creator must be killed. | HBO

We know that the Children of the Forest created the Night King by pressing dragonglass into his chest. We also know the way to kill wights is to kill those who created them. What if the same goes for killing the person that created the Night King?

We know Leaf is the person who created him. It’s possible Bran will warg and kill her before the Night King is created to stop everything from happening.

3. Untested theory: Wildfire

The Night King riding on a fire-breathing dragon.

Fire may defeat the Night King | Giphy

We have seen the inflammable liquid be put to use a few times. The most notable time was when Cersei used it to destroy the Great Sept at the end of Season 5. But we know it will come into play again because Bran had a vision of it and the White Walkers in the same season.

Then again, the green substance has no connection to dragons, so this might not be a totally solid theory.

4. Untested theory: Bran Stark

Bran Stark, lit by a campfire, dressed in furs, and looking scared.

Bran Stark could be the key to defeating the Night King. | HBO

There is a common theory that Bran Stark is the Night King who failed to stop his creation. But if that theory isn’t true, it’s possible Bran does warg into the man who becomes the Night King and successfully stops his creation.

A second option is that Bran wargs into the Night King in current day and kills himself to wipe out the rest of the army.

5. Untested theory: Dragons

A dragon flies and blows blue fire into a group of people.

Dragons might have to be part of the battle. | Giphy

Although Daenerys Targaryen has already brought her dragons to battle against the White Walkers, we haven’t seen what happens when a dragon breathes fire on them. However, there is a good reason to believe it would kill them. Valyrian steel kills White Walkers, and the steel is made from dragon fire.

It’s possible that the show is waiting for a pivotal moment in the last season to address this theory.

6. Confirmed: A Valyrian steel weapon

Jon Snow in a sword fight with an enemy.

Jon Snow has already found a way to defeat the White Walkers. | Giphy

We have seen the power of Valyrian steel before in “Hardhome.” Jon Snow manages to kill a White Walker using a sword made of Valyrian steel.

The downside to this is that there is a limited supply of them, and the existing swords are spread over many houses in Westeros.

7. Confirmed: Anything made of dragonglass

Jon Snow talking to Dany on a cliff.

Dragonglass will be essential in the war against the Night King. | HBO

It was confirmed in Season 7 that White Walkers die by dragonglass. Jon Snow was wise enough to ask Daenerys Targaryen if he could mine for more of it and try to collect as many known weapons made of dragonglass as possible.

So the chances of the Night King being killed by something made of this material is probably the most likely way he’ll be stopped.

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