How a ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Westworld’ Crossover Would Work

Crossovers are typically used to combine popular properties, oftentimes with the goal of bringing multiple audiences together in one place. We’ve seen it work beautifully for The CW’s various superhero shows, and most recently, even New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine went the crossover route. What we don’t often see is a crossover that combines two entirely separate shows with little to no overlap in terms of their respective stories. Needless to say, when word recently surfaced concerning a potential Game of Thrones and Westworld crossover, that seemed like exactly what we had. That doesn’t mean there isn’t tons of potential though. So let’s dive in to see just how it would work logistically.

1. The original Westworld movie featured a “Medieval World”

Westworld movie 1973

Michael Crichton’s 1973 Westworld movie | MGM

Bringing Game of Thrones and Westworld together would require a medieval iteration of the android-inhabited theme park. Thankfully, there’s a solid precedent for that, established in Michael Crichton’s original 1973 Westworld film. In the movie, there are actually three separate parks that guests can experience: Westworld, Ancient Rome, and Medieval World. It wouldn’t be a stretch to have that medieval addition tweaked to be a Game of Thrones theme park, throwing together modern guests and beloved characters from George R.R. Martin’s iconic story.

2. Harry Potter and Star Wars-themed additions already exist today

Star Wars Land concept art - DIsneyland

Star Wars Land concept art | Disney / Lucasfilm

The next question you’d have to answer: How would someone build a Game of Thrones addition within a fictional TV show? Figuring that out is as easy as looking at the way studios already build immersive theme parks based on popular franchises. Universal Orlando features “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter,” allowing guests to hang out in Diagon Alley, journey into the village of Hogsmeade, or take a trip aboard the Hogwarts Express. Similarly, Disneyland is well into construction for a Star Wars-themed addition of their own, that promises to be similarly immersive.

All that makes it entirely logical that decades into the future, we’d figure out a way to put fans right in the middle of the stories themselves, plunging them into a version of Westeros staffed by androids.

3. George R.R. Martin and Jonathan Nolan have already voiced their opinions on a potential crossover

george r.r. martin

George R.R. Martin | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

This whole conversation didn’t just appear out of the blue. Both George R.R. Martin and Westworld showrunners, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have discussed the possibility of a crossover. According to Entertainment Weekly, Martin brought up the idea over dinner with Nolan and Joy, with Entertainment Weekly later following up to get their initial thoughts.

“It’s flattering [Martin] would encourage a crossover,” said Nolan, although it’s worth noting that there would still be a good deal of red tape to cut through in terms of licensing and copyrights. Even so, it’s nice to know that the idea hasn’t been counted out entirely, however difficult it might be to realize in the future.

4. The demand is definitely there

Khal Drogo - Game of Thrones

Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo | HBO

Once you figure out the logistics, get the showrunners on board, and get all your legal ducks in a row, you then have to get a sense for the demand. Is this something people would actually watch? Based on the viewership numbers for both shows, the answer would be a resounding “hell yes.”

The series premiere of Westworld netted a whopping 12 million views (counting streams on HBO Go), while Game of Thrones numbers itself among the most-watched shows on television today. It makes a whole lot of sense for HBO to combine its two most lucrative properties, especially when you consider the hype it would create from the second it gets announced, to the moment the final credits roll.

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