‘Game of Thrones’: What Other Movies and TV Shows Has Gwendoline Christie Been In?

Fans are worried about Brienne of Tarth. The loyal warrior was knighted by Jaime Lannister in last Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones, becoming Ser Brienne. It was the rare happy moment for the stoic Brienne, and some are taking that as a sign that she’s doomed to die in the upcoming Battle of Winterfell (along with many other beloved characters).

While Brienne’s fate on HBO’s hit fantasy show is up in the air, one thing is certain. Actress Gwendoline Christie, who plays Brienne, is leaving the show a much bigger star than when she joined the cast.

Game of Thrones was Christie’s first big on-screen role

Christie trained as an actress in her 20s and won acclaim for her role as the Queen in a 2007 production of Shakespeare’s Cymbeline. But her height — she is 6-foot 3-inches tall — was an obstacle to getting work, she explained in a recent interview with the Guardian.

While pursuing acting jobs, Christie worked as an assistant to actor Simon Callow, modeled occasionally, and performed with musician Patrick Wolf. While she landed some small on-screen roles, including a part in Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, her breakthrough didn’t come until she was 33, when she was cast as Brienne in Game of Thrones.

She joined the cast in Season 2, before the show was quite the global phenomenon that it is today. Though the actress worked hard to land the part, she wasn’t convinced it would be a long-term job. According to the Guardian, she continued to walk Callow’s dogs even after she made her debut on Thrones in 2012.

Star Wars and Top of the Lake

Gwendoline Christie
Gwendoline Christie | Angela Weiss / AFP/Getty Images

Brienne soon became a fan favorite character, and with newfound fame came more opportunities. She was cast as Captain Phasma in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, and had a prominent role as a police officer the second season of Top of the Lake with Elisabeth Moss. (She got the part after she wrote director Jane Campion a fan letter, according to the Guardian.)

In 2018, Christie appeared in The Darkest Minds, a thriller about teens with supernatural abilities, and in Welcome to Marwen with Steve Carell.

Her upcoming films include The Friend, a movie about a terminally ill woman whose husband invites his best friend to move into their home. It stars Jason Segel, Dakota Johnson, and Casey Affleck. Later this year, she’ll be seen as Jane Murdstone in a new adaptation of David Copperfield. The movie also stars Tilda Swinton, one of the actresses who Christie says inspired her to pursue a career as an actress.

While Christie is moving on from Thrones, she says she’s grateful she had a chance to play Brienne.

“I’ve not taken lightly the incredible support that I’ve had from people who’ve enjoyed the character that I’ve been lucky enough to play,” she told Vulture. “And so it touched me very personally, in terms of the character as well as what it represents on a larger scale — in terms of what women have to go through in a patriarchal society, how hard they have to work.”

“It’s absolutely extraordinary, the response to the whole series has been one of complete and utter warmth and delight,” she added.

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