‘Game of Thrones’: Who Is Kit Harington’s Wife in Real Life?

When fans found out Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington wasn’t dating his on-screen beau, Emilia Clarke, they were devastated. While the incest in the show is too much for many, Harington and Clarke included, the couple is just too good to write off. After all, Dany and Jon — Clarke and Harington’s characters, respectively — are quite the dashing power couple.

Instead of falling for the Queen of Dragons, Harington fell for one of his other Games of Thrones co-stars: Rose Leslie.

Who did Rose Leslie play on ‘Game of Thrones’?

While Leslie was amping up her acting skills on Game of Thrones, she was known as Ygritte. Leslie was cast for the role on October 11, 2010, in preparation for the second season. Ygritte became an iconic member of the cast all the way until her final moments in The Watchers on the Wall, the second to last episode of season four.

In the “almost finale” the badass bow wielder passes away in Jon Snow’s arms. Considering the two were love interests, it was a perfect way to go out. It was also undoubtedly an emotionally gut-wrenching scene to shoot. Thankfully it was literally the last scene Leslie needed to complete before bidding her fellow GOT members adieu.  

When did Leslie and Harington get together?

The two may have had a shaky relationship on GOT, but their bond still managed to blossom into real-world feelings. While it’s hard to say precisely when the two hooked up, reports of the pair dating began to surface in the summer of 2012. That’s just two years after Leslie joined the cast!

The dynamic duo was caught having dinner in London that August and while they refused to entertain any rumors, Harington wasn’t afraid to admit the pair was “very, very close” just a few short months later. Then, something surprising happened. Before fans could really work out their status, the two reportedly broke it off in March 2013. That didn’t last long though. By that summer they were “officially” in a casual relationship.

It took three years for the spotlight to finally show the absolute truth. In 2016, their relationship status was confirmed. Then, on September 26th, 2017 the pair announced their engagement. Less than a year later they were married and became one of many couples to turn a whirlwind on-screen romance into a real-life love story.

So, just who is Rose Leslie?

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Game of Thrones fans know Leslie because of her lovable feisty character on the show, but that wasn’t the Scottish actress’ first rodeo! In fact, she was considered for the part thanks to her unforgettable acting in Downtown Abbey. She played Gwen Dawson/Gwen Harding and appeared in eight episodes between 2010 and 2015. 

The 32-year-old stunner’s first role was as Kim in the documentary seriesLocked Up Abroad in 2008. Debut roles are often small, but no one could foresee just how popular the actress would become in just a decade. Leslie went on to appear in a few television productions before landing her first movie role as Fiona in the 2012 romantic drama, Now is Good. The supporting role was an excellent big screen warm up for the talented newbie. Two years after nailing it, she landed her first titular role. She played Bea in the horror film, Honeymoon. 

Despite having over a decade in Hollywood, Leslie doesn’t have much going on. She has acquired 19 acting credits throughout her career. Since her departure from Game of Thrones, Leslie has appeared in a handful of TV productions. In 2016 she tackled two movie roles, Dr. Amy Menser in Morgan and Athena Morehead in Sticky Notes. Currently, she is working on The Good Fight, a project she has had a hand in since 2017. While her roster may not be as full as her hubby’s, there is no denying that the beautiful redhead has talent to spare!