‘Game of Thrones’: Who Plays the Night King?

Winter is here and so is the last season of Game of Thrones. Fans of the show are no stranger to conflict and war, as one family or kingdom has been fighting and killing their way to victory from the start of the series. All in hopes of claiming the throne and ruling the seven kingdoms. Now, the internal battles must pause so they can combat a common enemy: the White Walkers and their army.

From the very first episode, we have had the looming threat of the Night King hiding in the cold shadows. Now the fight is on, as the Night King has broken past the wall. It’s not an easy task considering his army is made up of the undead, coupled with the fact that the Night King seems to have powers unlike any we have seen so far. He can replenish his troops at will, leaving us to wonder if he can be defeated at all.

Here’s everything we know about the Night King — both the character and the actor — so far.

Who is the Night King?

The Night King is the leader of the White Walkers and the Wights. He controls his army without words and they follow without falter. Everything about this king is intimidating from his insanely blue eyes to his frozen, jagged crown.

In a previous episode, we witnessed the Children of the Forest change him from one of the first men to the Night King. By plunging a ‘dragonglass’ dagger into his heart, they created the first White Walker in hopes of protecting themselves from the first men. That plan backfired when he turned on them and built an army.

The jury is still out about whether or not the Night King can be killed, but we do know a little about who plays the epic villain.

Who plays The Night King on ‘Game of Thrones’?

Now that we are going to be seeing a lot more of the Night King, let’s talk about the man who plays him. Vladimir Furdik is a Slovak actor who has been playing the king since season six. We have not heard his voice yet, but we have seen his face without makeup once, right before The Children of the Forest changed him.

Another actor, Richard Brake, played the part of Night King in two episodes: once in season four and once again in season five. If you look closely, you can see a slight difference in face shape, but everything mostly looks the same.

Because of scheduling conflicts, Brake needed to give up the role. That’s when Furdik took over the part.

Who is Vladimir Furdik?

The Night King was not Furdik’s first role on Game of Thrones. Furdik was already on set as a stunt double for the show from the start in season one.

He has also done stunt work for Skyfall, Spartacus, Hercules, and Snow White and the Huntsman, according to Scoop Whoop. He has also been a stunt double for Christopher Eccleston and Malekith in Thor: The Dark World, in 2013.

What’s next for the Night King?

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As the show heads towards its conclusion, we can expect to see the Night King advance further on Westeros, creating even more chaos in his wake. We have already seen him take one of Daenerys’s dragons, turning it into an even more dangerous weapon capable of taking down the wall

It is unclear if the Night King can be killed and we still don’t know what his exact motive is. What we do know is that he wants something in Westeros and no one in his path is safe. If this enemy is like all the others in Game of Thrones, he is likely making his way to the throne. One thing is for sure; this final season is going to be killer.