‘Game of Thrones’: Who Really Knows How the Show Ends?

We’ve reached a pop culture peak where certain TV shows become such a strong part of our lives, their finales almost become above top secret governmental files. It almost makes you wonder if the CIA has to keep the Game of Thrones series finale in an encrypted cloud domain to maintain secrets. The bad side of this is that while we’ve learned the CIA and the FBI sometimes have major secrets leaked, TV shows are now on the same precipice.

Also, the expectation for cast members to keep secrets is now beyond the pale. Currently, the Games of Thrones cast (and their offspring) know how the series ends. They’re the only people on the planet who know, but will there be an inevitable leak?

What lengths will fans go to find information before the show airs?

One has to wonder what might happen to family members of the cast members who reportedly blabbed what happens in the GoT finale. Sophie Turner apparently told her fiance, Joe Jonas, about what happens. This officially makes one of the Jonas Brothers the beholder of one of the world’s biggest secrets, something we assume spread to the other Jonas Brothers by now.

Even if they all know, Joe Jonas had to sign an NDA to assure he wouldn’t leak anything without consequences. Plus, he wasn’t allowed to take any video on his phone while visiting the set.

Then you have Kit Harington who told his wife (and former co-star), Rose Leslie. She reportedly refused to talk to him for several days when he revealed what happens to Jon Snow. In some ways, this gives away more than they probably realized, as in the likelihood he dies…for real this time.

With these people and more knowing all, will fans badger them everywhere they go this spring? Much of the cast have already experienced this in past seasons, much to their chagrin and feeling like they’re in Hell.

If something doesn’t leak, it’ll be a miracle

Let’s all admit it’s impossible to keep any secrets in today’s world. Video cameras are everywhere and the ability to either record or hack information is at an all-time high.

We’d all be fools to think at least one person wouldn’t leak GoT finale secrets to someone for a payoff. No doubt it could be someone who found out information from one of the other informants, then perhaps passed down to several others.

What makes this potentially more tolerable is when a secret reaches someone down the line, the information might be obscured to a point where it’s 75% wrong. Even so, even a quarter right would probably create a panic about spoilers.

Since HBO is reportedly shooting multiple endings, maybe a more obscured truth will leak, still enabling a huge surprise.

What kind of precedent will ‘GoT’ secrets set for television?

While we likely won’t see a show like Game of Thrones for a while, we’ll see more shows like it taking pop culture by storm. Maybe the scheduled prequel series will capture the same feel and leave us with massive cliffhangers offering twists upon the twists happening later in the timeline.

Nevertheless, the producers of GoT have already set new ground rules for keeping secrets on similar shows. In addition to the multiple endings idea, they even gave actors digital scripts made to self-destruct after a certain period of time.

These are almost like CIA precautionary actions. However, we have to wonder if even these don’t really work in a more insidious era of not being able to keep secrets due to more advanced technologies. Maybe it’s best to start paying more attention to leaked government secrets that could compromise our security — something perhaps happening under our noses now as we pry for secret GoT information.