‘Game of Thrones’: Who Will Survive the Final Season?

Game of Thrones season 8 is already underway and viewers everywhere cannot stop talking about it. Since it is the final season of the series, fans are predicting that quite a few beloved characters might be killed off, especially once the epic Battle of Winterfell will take place.

So who will actually make it out of season 8 alive? Let’s look at this one popular theory from some Game of Thrones fans.

HBO released a cryptic ‘Game of Thrones’ teaser poster

A couple of weeks ago, HBO released a few teaser videos titled “Aftermath.” Alongside the video was a poster that many people thought was rather creepy.

The poster features numerous main cast members lying in the snow — presumably dead — in the shape of the famous Iron Throne. It surely got a lot of fans shaken up and some could not help but analyze what this all means. Are the characters in the snow a spoiler of who will certainly die or is it just a teaser of the characters whose lives are in danger?

The ‘Game of Thrones’ poster could be foreshadowing who might die

A user on Reddit.com puts forth the theory that perhaps the poster is showing that everyone on the right side of the Night King will perish. According to fans who have managed to identify several characters in the poster, those on the death “side” include the likes of Cersei Lannister, Missandei, The Mountain, and Theon Greyjoy.

A few of them, such as Cersei and Theon, already seem likely to die. Cersei had a prophecy told to her when she was younger that she would die at the hands of a “little brother.” In this case, the obvious suspect is Tyrion or even her twin Jaime, who she also has a romantic relationship with. However, it’s also possible that it won’t be her own little brother. Although this prophecy was only talked about in the book, and not the actual Game of Thrones show, fans seem to think that it could be referenced soon enough and, as such, Cersei’s life would come to an end in season 8.

The Mountain’s death also seems likely when you think about the fact that Cersei will die. Since he is her bodyguard, he wouldn’t be left unscathed if Cersei is to meet her demise.

Many viewers also believe that Theon’s death is very likely. He has been portrayed as a villain throughout the show, though it’s possible his character arc will be redeemed via a heroic death. Perhaps while trying to save his sister Yara?

Meanwhile, Missandei is the only one whose death might seem far fetched to fans. She is not a warrior, so she would simply stay away from battles. And killing her off also would not incite emotions in viewers since she isn’t important enough to the show. However, it’s too soon to tell where things could go as the season progresses and what Missandei’s fate may be.

Who will survive ‘Game of Thrones’?

According to the teaser poster, quite a lot of people will make it out alive as the show comes to and end. Fans already believe that Daenerys Targaryen, Arya Stark, and Jon Snow will survive, and the theory based on the poster sure backs this up as they are all located on the left side of the Night King.

It has also been predicted that these three, especially Daenerys and Jon, have the best bet of winning the throne of Westeros.

However, there are those on the left side whose location can seem surprising. Tyrion Lannister, Melisandre, and Grey Worm, for example, don’t give viewers the feeling that they have a high chance of surviving. Melisandre, especially, prophesized her own death in season 7 when she told Lord Varys: “I have to die in this strange country, just like you.” Nevertheless, they could turn out to be lucky and go on to live in a peaceful world anyway.

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