‘Game of Thrones’: Why the Crypt is the Worst Place to Put the Women and Children

The White Walkers are coming! And surprisingly not that many people are concerned.

Season eight of Game of Thrones is well underway. When we last left Winterfell, the White Walkers were mere hours from attacking and instead of preparing, everyone was getting drunk, getting intimate, or revealing secrets that could get them beheaded (Jon Snow.)

What is the plan to save Winterfell from White Walkers?

The characters barely have a plan for what they are going to do when the White Walkers arrive. So far, they have determined to use Bran Stark as bait to lure the Night King out into the open. This is pretty dumb because the Night King is almost undefeatable and Bran can’t defend himself at all.

And the person they have designated to keep him safe is Theon Greyjoy, who definitely leaves something to be desired when it comes to loyalty and protecting Starks.

The only other thing that the characters have planned is to put the women and children in the crypt when the White Walkers arrive.

What is the crypt?

According to legend, Winterfell was built over 8,000 years ago. The crypt was built below Winterfell and houses statues in honor of fallen Starks.

We’ve seen the crypt in several scenes of Game of Thrones. It’s often the place where characters reveal secrets to one another, like when Samwell Tarly told Snow that he was actually Aegon Targaryen, and had a claim to the throne. Or when Snow turned around and told Daenerys Targaryen the same secret.

Will the crypt be safe?

Probably not. Why? Because that would be too easy of a storyline. Several of the main characters will be down in the crypt, including Targaryen, Targaryen’s best friend Missandei, Tarly’s girlfriend and child Gilly and Sam, Tyrion Lannister, and more.

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There is no way that the writers on the show are letting all of those characters get off scot-free from the biggest fight in GOT history.

The second clue that the women and children probably won’t be safe is that everyone on the show is so sure that they will be. Anytime in GOT when people are sure of something, the situation often turns out the opposite way.

The crypt is easy to get into

Throughout the seasons of the show, lots of Starks have gone down into the crypt when they weren’t supposed to. This leads us to believe that it’s not as hard to get into the crypt as one would hope. If children can get into it, then we are sure that the White Walkers will be able to as well.

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Is there a plan to guard the crypt?

While the crypt will be housing some of the most important people on the show, the characters never really cover how they plan to guard it. Are they planning on having Jon Snow guard it? He’ll definitely be needed elsewhere. Regardless of who they choose to protect the women and children, any person guarding the crypt could easily be killed, leaving those inside vulnerable to attack.

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