‘Game of Thrones’: Will Jon Snow Die in Season 8?

With the Game of Thrones final season premiere quickly approaching, it seems like the one thing people need to know is the one thing they’ll have to wait to find out. The final battle for Westeros and possibly the survival of humanity is about to go down, all anyone can think about is this: Will Jon Snow live in the end?

Jon Snow
Jon Snow | HBO

It’s easy to dismiss the idea of his death as highly unlikely – after all, Jon Snow has become a major character in the series and some believe he’s the rightful ruler who should sit on the Iron Throne (even if he doesn’t necessarily want to). How could show writers kill off someone so important?

If Game of Thrones taught us anything, it’s that you can never count on a main character surviving. Case in point – who can forget that shocking moment when Ned Stark lost his head in Season One? No one in the GOT universe is safe, especially not with an epic battle brewing.

Here’s why Jon Snow will probably live

Even if GOT is known for surprises, it’s still highly unlikely that Jon Snow will get killed off in the final episodes. Cosmopolitan.com points out that the biggest clue that Jon Snow survives goes back to the book title, A Song of Ice and Fire. Since we now know that Jon Snow is a combination of both – a Stark from the icy North and a Targaryen forged from fire – it stands to reason that the title is a nod to his character. It would be insane to just kill him off.

Plus, there’s that little detail that Jon has already died and risen from the dead before. Could he do it more than once? It seems possible, even though he told Melisandre not to do it if he died again.

Jon Snow on a boat with several other men in "Hardhome"
Jon Snow in “Hardhome” | HBO

But Jon Snow could definitely die

Even though he’s undeniably a main character in the series, with the series coming to an end there’s a good chance of Jon Snow dying a hero’s death. You can almost picture him sacrificing his own life for someone else because he’s that sort of guy. Perhaps he’ll die so Daenerys can live and rule like she wants? It would certainly prove his love for her (even though she’s technically his aunt – eek).

Plus, some people point out that George R. R. Martin doesn’t believe in happy endings. As Cosmo explains, the story comes from “an atypical fantasy book where the good guy doesn’t always win and sometimes your favorite character gets brutally murdered.”

It’s one reason people both love and hate GOT – it will make you cry so hard, but somehow that’s a huge part of the appeal.

Daenerys and Jon Snow from Game of Thrones
Daenerys and Jon Snow | HBO

HBO said people will die in the show

While they didn’t name names, the HBO already teased that no main character – including Jon Snow – is safe from death. And since the Night King seems to have a special interest in Jon Snow, it’s easy to imagine an epic battle between these two forces. It’s possible for Jon to die during this battle if it means the leader of the White Walkers also perishes. Giving his life would be a sacrifice for the greater good. Sounds just like Jon Snow, right?

It won’t be long before Jon Snow’s fate is finally revealed!