‘Game of Thrones’ Leak: Reported Season Finale Plot Description Posted Online

Game of Thrones spoilers have once again leaked online.

Last month, HBO suffered a major cyber attack, and in the subsequent weeks, hackers have been releasing full episodes of Game of Thrones online. Sunday’s season finale, “The Dragon and the Wolf,” has not actually been leaked. But a reported plot summary is now making its way across the Internet.

Jon Snow on ‘Game of Thrones’ | HBO

On the Freefolk subreddit, a user named Teamkhaleesi posted a detailed overview of the season finale on Friday. The Reddit user claims that they received this plot description by emailing the hacker who leaked the previous episodes. The post includes a link to what appears to be a confidential document outlining everything that happens in season seven, including Sunday’s finale. Leaked outlines for previous episodes of Game of Thrones‘ seventh season were also posted online in recent weeks, and these turned out to be accurate.

Not long after this Reddit thread was posted, individuals claiming to be the HBO hackers emailed copies of the season finale outline to media outlets like The Independent and Mashable. These publications have chosen not to publish the materials sent to them by the HBO hackers. In a statement, HBO said that they would not give the hackers any more attention.

In addition, the hacker group also claimed to Mashable that they have sold their entire collection of HBO’s internal data on the dark web and have made half of what they requested in ransom. The hacking group had previously demanded HBO pay them $6.5 million in Bitcoin.

Daenerys' dragons in Game of Thrones

Daenerys and her dragons in ‘Game of Thrones.’ l HBO

Last week, the group of hackers calling themselves Mr. Smith told Mashable that they would be leaking the Game of Thrones finale “as soon as possible.”

The fact that plot descriptions and full episodes of Game of Thrones have leaked online this season does not seem to have impacted the show’s ratings. The sixth episode of season seven, which was available to view online beforehand, still drew the show’s second-biggest audience ever, according to Entertainment Weekly.